We did UI / UX design and Front end development on this project using agile methodology and rapid prototyping. We’ve used Twitter Bootstrap framework and REST api as a middle layer to make sure it can communicate flawlessly with backend and push/fetch data in JSON format. Our front end UI developers have collaborated and worked closely with client’s development and management team located in two different timezones. We’ve also made sure to develop every possible interactions like (add, edit, delete, sort, data driven charts) in the front end itself, so the backend developers can just focus on the backend stuff.

We’ve used DataTables (table plugin for jQuery) extensively on this project, and made sure each tables (despite huge number of columns) are intuitively responsive in most devices. Despite the extensive functionalities we’ve made sure it’s optimised for faster loading.

Shopify, UI / UX Design, UI Development
February 15, 2016
UI / UX Design, UI Development