Bootstrap Framework

Bootstrapping, in general, refers to development of something that is self-sustaining.

We, at DIT-India, use Twitter’s Bootstrap framework to do just that. With an experienced team of professional developers with passion towards innovation, we develop web applications, using the Bootstrap Framework, which are innovative and self-sustaining.

We have always held high hopes from the framework and the result is there for everyone to see. We now possess an enviable record of accomplishment in developing web applications, using Bootstrap.

What is Bootstrap Framework

The bootstrap framework is a collation of front-end tools, which are used to develop web applications effectively and rapidly. CSS and HTML conventions are used together in the same. The framework makes available stylish forms, buttons, tables, typography and much more by making use of the latest browser techniques. This accentuates the UI design elements. What more could you ask for? It is super tiny and just weights 6k with gzip.

Reason Why We Love Bootstrap

Prime Facie, this framework is a general CSS. However, what differentiates it from the others is it’s built, with Less. With the power and flexibility of Less, a pre-processor, we get access to an assortment of features. These include the likes of variables, mixins, operations, nested declarations and colour functions.

There are a couple of other compelling benefits that we extract from this CSS, which is compiled via Less.

  1. The framework is simple to implement. All you have to do is to drop in your code and you are ready to go.
  2. Moreover, once the Bootstrap is compiled, it encompasses nothing but CSS. This simple and powerful CSS is, therefore, devoid of any superfluous images, Java or even Flash.



While the bootstrap framework was initially just meant for modern browsers, the updates that followed have helped it support all major browsers around. In fact, Bootstrap 2 also makes it compatible with mobiles and tablets.

A Solid Grid System

Making use of a flexible grid system can make development much simpler and more effective. The 12-column grid with Bootstrap assists in making development simpler.


Responsive design is the talk of the town and Bootstrap 2 helps designers and developers scale components as per different resolutions and devices.

The Style Guide

The framework comes with a comprehensive Style Guide, which documents its features, coded examples, best practices and others.

Fully Functional Components

Although Bootstrap is very tiny, it still has a growing number of fully functional components that can improve the functionalities of the applications.

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Open Source

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