WooCommerce Features

BigCommerce Features

Custom Designs

  • Modern and clean interface
  • Storefront design tools
  • Customizable branding
  • WordPress content integration
  • Product visualization
  • Improved experience for store owners

Order Process Features

  • Tax display and processing
  • Shipping options
  • Inventory management
  • Add/manage products
  • Flexible shipping destinations
  • Order management

Admin Features

  • Reporting and analytics
  • Multi-site management
  • Test-to-product migration
  • Unified customer management
  • Internalization
  • Integration to add-on tools


  • Built In Marketing Tools
  • Social Media integration
  • Abandoned cart tools
  • SEO/Product reviews
  • Promotions and Discounts
  • Content Management
Certified BigCommerce Development Services

Our WooCommerce Design & Development Services

Dexterous in WooCommerce tools, features and functionalities, dedicated eCommerce developers at DIT are proficient in delivering exceptional solutions for businesses of all variations.
What We Offer:
  • WooCommerce theme creation
  • PSD to woocommerce conversion
  • WooCommerce customization
  • Woocommerce shopping cart integration
  • Website SEO
  • WooCommerce maintenance
  • WooCommerce Plugin development & customization
  • Migration to WooCommerce
WooCommerce Theme Customization

WooCommerce Theme Customization

Wondering how to move ahead to customize available WooCommerce themes? Hire woocommerce development agency with seasoned WooCommerce designers with expertise in UX/UI craft in the most intricate themes and tailor cut them as per your business specific needs.
  • Integrate and setup theme
  • User friendly and seo-friendly theme development
  • Styling features and instilling add-ons
  • Personalized themes as required
  • Enhancing theme for excellent customer experience
WooCommerce Custom Plugin Development

WooCommerce Custom Plugin Development

With hands-on experience in woocommerce solutions, our developers have a niche in WooCommerce plugin development. With multiple plugins in woocommerce, we are able to integrate, manage and update according to the store requirement.
  • WooCommerce Plugin integration
  • Integration of add-on tools
  • Instilling Social media plugins
  • Embedding product catalog
  • Adding Extensions
Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & Support

With our technical prowess and unwavering commitment to excellence,hire dedicated woocommerce developers for seamless operation of your WooCommerce store. Our expert team diligently resolves any bugs or performance issues, ensuring uninterrupted functionality. As a trusted WooCommerce development company, we offer desiccated services to keep your online store optimized and efficient.
  • Add/Update new products
  • Upgrade security tools
  • Add/Enhance features
  • Upgrade the look and user experience
  • Update content as required

Custom Design Service



Brainstorming your idea, our woocommerce development services team will analyze your requirements for WooCommerce store and provide you a quote with various viable options.


Woocommerce store designers & developers will create a blueprint of your store after confirmation and install a sandbox account to start with development.

Custom Design

Our adept WooCommerce designers create custom templates for homepage, category, and product pages, ensuring alignment with your brand vision. With expert services, we deliver captivating designs to enhance user experience and drive conversions for your online store.

Store Setup & Code

Our adept WooCommerce developers swiftly set up and configure your store in a development environment. They then craft your custom theme, ensuring alignment with your vision, before seeking final approval. With our woocommerce expert team at the helm, rest assured of a streamlined process and a tailored solution for your online store.


Once our agency completes and thoroughly tests your WooCommerce store, we seamlessly connect it to your domain, ready to kickstart sales. With our comprehensive services, you can trust in a smooth launch process. Hire us to ensure a hassle-free transition and start seeing results pouring in.

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Client Reviews

I am so happy with the new table implementation I could fly to India to give you a big hug!!!! Yes, it is 1000% better from the non-technical end-user perspective! Thank you for pushing on this and finding another WordPress solution.
Pamela Cisneros / CEO Miami, Florida
Good response guys. A true partner! Phase 2 in a week or 2.
Darren / New York, NY
Thanks again for everything! There may still be some small issues with the forms… but I will let you know if I need more help. I am sending a small bonus. You guys did a great job!!
JP Brind’Amour / Client Services Ontario, Canada
I just wanted to thank you again for your outstanding communication during this project! I’m thankful we have the chance to develop this relationship with you guys. I believe we’ll plan on using you more for next projects…
Justin S / Los Angeles, CA

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