Industry: Solar Power Company
Platform: BigCommerce


About Voltaicsystems
Voltaic Systems is a portable solar power company based in Brooklyn, New York. With varied numbers and types of electronic devices multiplied used these days. With constant usage of the devices, people’s relationship with them has also become intense. No matter where you or your device is, Voltaic system solar charger back-pack keeps them up and running.
Voltaicsystems and DITINDIA Partnership
For Daily Maintenance, Custom development work, Licenses and Hosting Fees, Voltaic systems were spending thousands of dollars just to keep their Magento store up & running. Furthermore, additional cost of upgrading the site on existing Magento to 2.0 version triggered the idea to change the platform. Moreover, migrating to different platform without losing SEO data and affecting the Google ranking was also a concern.
BigCommerce design and development team understanding their requirement of migration of platform, we fully designed and developed a new user friendly site with robust experience for the customers. We ensured that their brand identity was portrayed site wide and is not just limited to the home page. And, to accomplish this, we custom designed and developed every element and page of the site so that the customers have a seamless experience.

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