How Can Web Design Improve Your Website’s Customer Experience?

Being a front end website developer, we run into a lot of people who ask us about the importance of web design.  Our simple answer is that our front end development service wouldn’t have been so popular, unless people saw value in the concept of web designing and front end development.  We believe that web design is absolutely imperative for your digital marketing strategy.  It can make a significant impact on your customers’ experience.  Not only does it improve the aesthetics of your site, it also makes the site more usable.  Finally, it is essential to your company’s long-term online success.

Here are the top factors of customer experience that web design can impact:

  1. Appearance: Design obviously has an impact on your web project’s appearance and customer experience.  They say that first impression is the last impression and that is what your website’s appearance does. A front end developer designer will help you ensure that your web design is current and up to date. It should include some of the most modern design trends. Here’s a quick summary of some recent trends in the field of web designing:
    1. Responsive Design: This design technique is to ensure that your website opens up seamlessly, regardless of the browser and the screen size.
    2. Fonts: You need to ensure that your font is big and bold, so that the readers can read them without straining their eyes.
    3. Parallax Scrolling: This is that element of web designing when 2 different visual elements are put on a page and are moved at different speeds.
    4. Eye catching images: Visuals can summarize your text better and make it easier for your visitors to absorb all the information quickly.
    5. Multimedia: Finally, it is important for you to make use of videos, images, and other forms of multimedia to engage the visitors.
  2. Professionalism:  We spoke about first impression in the previous section. Similarly, your web design also tells your visitors about how professional or otherwise your company is. You want your audience to believe that you are a modern and trustworthy company. There are various elements of your web design that can help you achieve the objective. At the same time, you also need to make sure that you have the following content in your website:
    1. Culture Page
    2. Staff Photos
    3. Customer Testimonials/Stories
  3. Clarity: When you hire user interface developers, they will tell you about the importance of navigation. That’s because the ease of searching the right topic is imperative to any UI development service. Your users should be able to find exactly what they are looking for without wasting any time. This all boils down to your website’s navigation.  You want to ensure that your website is intuitive and familiar. There are a couple of navigation styles that are popular these days:
    1. BreadCrumb: Under this navigation system, every time a visitor clicks on a new page; the previous page comes up in the navigation bar too.  This option lets your visitors easily go back to the previous page.
    2. Drop-Down Menu: Under this menu item, every time a visitor hovers their cursor over a menu time; they manage to see the pages that are contained within the category.
  4. Load Time: Load time refers to the time that your visitors have to wait before the page loads. Load time of a web page is an important indicator that Google uses for its page ranking. Apart from that, load times are important for success online too. More and more customers are moving to the mobile platform, and they don’t want to wait very long for their web page to load. You can do the following to improve load times:
    1. Optimize Image sizes
    2. Remove auto-play multimedia
    3. Use white space
  5. Conversions: Finally, any web design is aimed at improving conversion rates. After all, you won’t thrive online if you were not converting enough customers. Following are some ways in which your enhance your conversion rates:
    1. Use intelligent color schemes with contrast to highlight selling propositions
    2. Keep it short and simple.  Simpler designs always work better.
    3. Faces: Human faces help build trust among your visitors.

These are 5 top ways in which web design helps improve customer experience. At DIT India, we are a UI developer India and offer top-notch services are affordable prices.  For more information contact us.

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