Why Front End Developers are raving about Ultra-Minimal Web Design

We, at DIT India, have been front end web developers for a long time. In this period, we have realized that there are numerous trends that hit the web design industry each year. However, very few of these trends stay long enough to impact the future generation of trends. They come in, become a rage, and phase out equally fast. Among the few trends that have been timeliness, Minimalism is the one that always makes the list. Front end / user interface developers have been talking about minimalism since a long time, and it has impacted some of the newer trends that have come about.

What is Ultra-Minimalist Approach?

In the recent times, minimalism has adopted a more extreme version. Experts in the industry have been calling it ultra-minimalism. So, let us understand what this trend stands for.  Minimalism, as the word suggests, is about just having that content and components that are extremely necessary for a website. Taking everything unnecessary off makes the website less cluttered. For a user interface developer, this opens up avenues of improving the user’s experience. All the necessary information can be presented without turning the website literally into an online brochure.  

With regards to ultra-minimalism, it is the more extreme form of minimalism. To a lay man, they might not be able to identify a huge difference between the two. Just like minimalist approach, the ultra-minimalist approach also focuses on completely removing all the unnecessary or the non-essential aspects as well as components of the front end of a website. This gives way for more white space, which obviously makes the website’s design more pleasing to the eye.  However, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. A front end website developer will vouch for how complicated the entire process can get. The real skill lies in making a call on which elements stay on the site and which ones need to make an exit. So limited is the room for maneuver that each and every pixel on your users’ screen needs to produce optimum results. The use of negative space becomes important too. Front end developers also get to use the advantage of modern coding standards that allows for lot to be hidden behind small elements.  

Things to be Careful about with Ultra-Minimalist Approach

However, the one thing that we all need to be wary about is making assumptions. By having very little on the website, we make room for more white space. However, what you might be missing is the struggle that users have to go through to look for where the links are. Your website visitors can be a mix of tech savvy and not so tech savvy people, and it is important for you to design for both. Making it too complicated will depreciate the user experience of your website instead of improving it. In summary, it is essential to have what is necessary on the site.


There have been various examples that have come about in the industry. There have been landing pages with plain white text on a black background. Words in that text can be the links to various pages. More can be done with the use of pictures and more.

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