How to customise product options on BigCommerce

When it comes to BigCommerce, there are various customization options available. Expert BigCommerce web developers can use this customization to create something for your store that’s unprecedented. When you look at general Ecommerce websites, these online stores offer a range of options to their customers. Take the example of buying clothing from an online store. Customers have the ability to alter the colour, size, etc. of the clothing that they have selected. However, what happens if you want higher level of customization for your customers? That is when you need to go deep into the various options that BigCommerce presents to you.


There are times when you don’t want the same product option for the entire product range of yours.  Consider the case of having an online store for wall paintings.  Now, the customers can select to have framed prints or canvas prints.  You will want to have different options for each.  With framed print, you will want your customers to select the size of the frame, its orientation, and the colour.  On the other hand, the terminology used with canvas prints is different.  For example, a frame is generally called a shadow box in case of canvas prints.  Plus, many canvas prints can be ordered without a frame.  An experienced and adept company can help you dynamically control those options.  The options that customers get are on the basis of the kind of product they select.  Moreover, better options to customers can mean higher revenue for your store.


Another interesting feature that can be added to BigCommerce is that of virtual trial.  Let us assume that you sell furniture for homes.  How would people decide if that furniture will work for them or not?  They will be confused about whether it will match with their walls and if that furniture will actually fit.  Expert BigCommerce web developers can again come to your rescue.  You can now let customers upload pictures of the room that they are purchasing the furniture for.  Plus, you might also ask them to input some information about the dimensions of the room.  On the basis of the size of the picture, the size of the furniture’s picture will automatically be adjusted.  Now, your customers will be able to have a clear idea of how that furniture will sit in their room and make an educated decision.  

Think about this; this feature of BigCommerce isn’t just good for furniture.  You can use the same for a range of other products.  Imagine people uploading their face-shots and trying on jewellery, caps, etc.  Plus, they can even try clothes on the basis of their picture and their body dimension that they input into the system.


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