Top Mobile App Design Trends in 2017

We are a mobile app design company.  Our expert service providers can help you with eCommerce app design as well as design for a range of other mobile applications.  We have worked with customers who wanted to develop an app for Android as well as iPhone. By the virtue of our presence in the industry, we have gained a solid understanding of mobile app design trends. Internet users are continuously switching from desktop to mobile, and that has increased the importance of this mobile platform. Regardless of the size and industry of your enterprise, your company needs a mobile app. Here are the top trends in the field of mobile designing. Knowledge of these trends will help you stay abreast with the most recent developments in the industry.

  1. Augmented Reality: A mobile application designer can help you make use of augmented reality in mobile applications.  Smart machines are entering our lives, and augmented reality is playing an important role. Do you remember Pokemon Go? That game changed the history of augmented reality in mobile technology. This technology will become more important, especially in gaming apps. However, it will come in handy in all fields.  
  2. Conversational UX & Chatbots: This is another important element of the evolution of mobile app design.  Now, there are a large number of tasks that can be performed through voice command interfaces. Examples of this include making phone calls, searching the internet, or even ordering food. Banking applications, as an example, can help you check balance on your account through voice commands. There is still some room for improvement for this technology, but it will become important with the passage of time.
  3. Videos instead of Images: Because of various reasons, users of mobile technology like to watch videos on their devices instead of reading or looking at an image. This means that there is huge potential for the opportunity of video content sharing through the mobile platform. This has become even more important because of the significant improvement in mobile internet speeds. By having videos, you will be able to tell stories to your users and interact with them much better than you will with text.
  4. Animation: Mobile coding technologies have changed a lot from when they started. There is an increasing use of animation, and it is helping to improve the mobile experience. With the use of animation, there is a lot that you can do with your users. You can evoke emotions among your app users. That is where it becomes essential to hire an experienced UI designer who has the ability to do the needful.
  5. Illustrations: We mentioned earlier that static pictures do not appeal to the audience as much as videos.  That is why videos are becoming very important. However, these static pictures are still better received than text.  In fact, if you use illustrations to explain your point; it can get the attention of the mobile user. Your users can now decipher the point without having to read through a 1000 word document. These illustrations need to be customized and unique.  If not, they will be like any other photos.
  6. Gestures: Be it Android or iPhone app design, we are seeing this trend of gestures picking up. 2 basic functions of swiping and scrolling are already being used. There are many other gestures, though, that can improve the mobile experience. These gestures will enhance the usability and retention rates.
  7. Minimalism: Finally, this is one of our ever-green trends. Minimalism ensures that only the most important elements are in the app. This cuts the clutter and lets your users focus on the most important point.

These are some of the most popular mobile app design trends for 2017. If you need a mobile app design company to help decipher these trends or have a project you want to discuss, you can contact us.

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