What Are WordPress Sticky Posts and How They Can Help

Are you new to WordPress?  You will realize that with WordPress, like any other platform, there are various features and functionalities that you will not know about initially.  Therefore, it is important to read such blogs to keep you up-to-date with features and functions that might be great for your website.  We offer WordPress development services, and run into many customers who benefit from information about the broad range of functions of the platform.  Thus, you can ask your WordPress team too.

One of the features that we want to present here today is sticky post.  When you outsource WordPress development or get it done in-house, this feature can be of immense help to you.


The first question you might want an answer to is the meaning of a sticky post.  It is a post that you can stick to the top of any archive page.  This could also be your Blogging Post page.  Once you have selected this option, your post will always be on the top.  Whether you publish a new article every day or do it once a week, this sticky post will stay on top and all other posts will go after that in the archive.


There are various benefits that such sticky posts can have for you:

  1. If there is an older post you have that you want to bring back to the top, you can do that with sticky post.  This way, the post will remain on top and help you increase views, traffic, as well as conversion you receive from the post.
  2. There is some content you write that is extremely good.  It is like your masterpiece, but it will be lost in the feed once you have most content published on WordPress.  However, if you use the sticky post option on your post; this will stay on the top and not get lost in the blog feed.


Here are some of the posts that will benefit from being sticky:

  1. Promotion:  Are you running a give-away or a promotion on your WordPress website/blog?  Sticky post can help you with that.  This means that your promotion will always appear on top and your new blogs will appear after.  If you don’t choose that option, people would not be able to find it with ease.  This will drop your participation.
  2. News & Announcement: From time to time, there are news and announcements that you will make on your website.  You might also be about to change your terms and conditions.  However, it is imperative that everyone who lands on your blog gets to read it.  Therefore, you should make your post sticky.  
  3. Cornerstone Content Posts:  What is cornerstone content?  It is that content that is absolutely relevant to your audience, it was shared the most, and it got really sought-after when it was posted.  When new content is posted, it will lose its eminence because it will be behind in the blog feed.  One of the options that you have is to create a separate page which has your top posts.  However, are you 100% sure that your visitors will read that?  If not, it is important to make your post sticky.
  4. Weekly/Monthly Featured Posts:  When our clients do WordPress outsourcing to our company, they ask about various strategies that can help them promote their blog.  One of them is by creating a weekly/monthly featured technique to show your top posts for week/month at the front.


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