How useful product videos for your BigCommerce store ?

With daily advancement in technology eCommerce sites are adding more and more features to their marketing strategies. Video content has been gaining ground as e-businesses are realising the potential that they have in making the product or brands even more realistic to the browser. Having a video on one’s site is more likely to help in SEO ranking than the traditional methods that are in use. Surveys of online browsers tell us that not actually being to handle or physically see a product has been a negative factor for many online shoppers and a great video that is well planned and shot can bridge this gap. It is therefore important to focus on creating videos that are an extension of one’s marketing strategies. It is part of BigCommerce development services to not only plan and execute a product video but to foresee the actual use and impact of the same. A good video will make the product or the service come alive for the viewer; this can be done by focusing on the many practical uses of the product and expanding on that feature. Most of the BigCommerce web developers know that these videos are to be marketed across platforms and this includes emails, newsletters and on sites that allow paid advertising. So, the same product can be cleverly shot for use across mediums. BigCommerce design services can help you achieve the following for their clients:

Better Promotion for Merchandising – this means Better display of product features, visually appealing, attracting browsers which means that they spend more time on the site. This in turn increases conversion rates as the videos will be shown across product pages, Facebook and Instagram ads and even through newsletters

Increased Traffic – SEO capabilities and interest is built up thru channels like YouTube

Increased Sales

Higher customer satisfaction

BigCommerce web developers are always expected to be conscious of the following while designing and creating video’s for their clients and these factors must be given enough weightage in order to create the right impact

  • Always focus more on the best selling products or services. The products that have the maximum sales will ensure that much less effort for the marketing video.
  • Content must match the use of the product and must always connect with the customer. Motivating the browser to view the video through will need for the video to have an emotional connect. The video will also need to showcase the trust a buyer can place in the company without making the marketing too obvious.
  • Clear and concise videos will have an edge always. Surveys show that online shoppers and browsers have a very short attention span, save the details of how to use, facts etc for the page on the site that a browser will use after purchase. Add text to the video if possible.
  • Additional features like overlays, banners, discount information, links, and action buttons will all add to the interactive feel of the video. Allowing browsers to comment on the video and adding links to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts will add to the promotion as will adding share and line buttons.
  • Hire a professional service to host and to promote videos. These will ensure maximum views on various social sites and can also optimise hits on the client’s site by video streaming. BigCommerce web designers can work on video content, length, resolution, quality, interactive capabilities etc as required. The BigCommerce web design experts will also test the video for layout and presentation and will test on a sample audience to eliminate any issues.
  • Integrating the Video with SEO and other keyword searches will also help in promoting eCommerce product videos. BigCommerce web design emphasises using the right phrases and keywords, these are invaluable as are right transcripts and descriptions to rate high on web searches.
  • Video sitemap is also very important and must contain the title, the video file, the description and a thumbnail image.

eCommerce product videos are no more just for those products and sites with big budgets. A good video can make all the difference to a site that sells average priced products if it is planned and executed with research and is specific to the target audience. Keeping the above pointers in mind while working on eCommerce product videos can really make a difference to the promotion of the site.  Read more or contact a BigCommerce design services expert for more information

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