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How To Create Multilevel Mega Menu In BigCommerce

You might already know how important mega menu is for your online store, as it give shopper broader view of your categories. Not to mention, this is being adopted by popular shopping websites such as Amazon, Ebay and many more. You can do this yourself if you have some knowledge about bigcommerce web design.

10 Best Practices to Improve Your E-Commerce Website

It’s projected that U.S. shoppers will spend $252 billion dollars online by the end of 2013. Has your company taken the leap into becoming an online retailer? Everyday a consumer’s experience with the marketplace becomes more mobile, social and visual, which helps to improve the process for customers and complicate the process for business owners …

E-commerce in 2016

We are constantly on the lookout for new software. This is a brief look on current developments in the e-commerce section. Online retail business is growing. People buy more stuff online. And all of this is occupied by Amazon. Well, not entirely… One small village of indomitable Gauls still holds out against the invador.

BigCommerce Announces Expanded Availability for Shop Section on Facebook Pages

BigCommerce today announced the expanded availability of the Shop section on Facebook Pages, enabling tens of thousands of new merchants to create a custom Shop on their business’ Facebook Page.

eBay Partners BigCommerce to Benefit Online Retailers

eBay Inc. EBAY and BigCommerce announced a strategic partnership on Thursday aimed at offering BigCommerce customers an inventory platform to list and monitor their products. Both platforms will connect and synchronize to allow BigCommerce merchants in Australia and New Zealand to list products and manage inventory using the eBayLINK app.

Shopify Multiple Stores: How to Overcome Its Challenges

Shopify sellers shouldn’t feel that they have to sell on only one webstore. Some merchants should consider diversifying their brand and selling on multiple stores. But, managing multiple Shopify stores can be difficult. Knowing this might even be what’s keeping you from executing this type of strategy.

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What developers think about when choosing a WordPress hosting provider

When choosing a WordPress host, one of the most important considerations is performance. Of course, every hosting provider will say their service is the fastest, the most scalable, and the most reliable. So how do you evaluate different providers and determine which is right for your needs?

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