HEDIS aids in the improvement of productivity and performance in the healthcare arena, which deliberately enhances the lives of people opting for the most efficient plan. HEDIS quality metrics provide a line of measurement standards that enables comparison with other health care plans. At DITINDIA, innovation being our core value, we strive to imply new technologies to bring in out of the box medical solutions.
Our HEDIS expert coders develop accurate result generating solutions for the healthcare industry. With our grip on the latest knowledge and zest for new tech, our team strives to deliver the most efficient Health Care Plan platform for the medical industry.


Clear Communication

Our dedicated software developers always communicate subject matter clearly and transparently. Through proper communication, we ensure to provide efficient services.

Fast and Efficient

Our experienced coders leverage the best technologies and apply the latest techniques to deliver fast and efficient solutions for maximum and accurate results.

Excellent Work Standard

With a proven track record of the most accurate coding services, we take pride in our work process that meets industrial standard coding.

Two – Stage Code Review Process

We follow a two stage code review process for the most accurate results. Through this, our team ensures zero coding errors and eliminates leaks and bugs if present any, assuring quality source code

Quality Performance Management

Implying on quality performance management, we assure you 100% customer satisfaction. Up to date Quality testing, reports and stringent review, we ensure quality services.


We commit to deliver risk-free and most accurate coding services deliberately in the timeline. Our team of seasoned coders works dedicatedly to help you launch the software in time.

Our Work Process



Working on all the ideas and strategies, we craft a flowchart and work on the gathered data to design a project for the desired result.


With the flowchart and workflow blueprinted, we start the planning process. Our dexterous HEDIS professionals analyze the data to churn out the viable processes.

Custom Design

Leveraging the latest and futuristic designing scales, our skillful medical software designers craft simple to use and highly interactive platforms for HEDIS.


Accurate and bug free coding is our expertise and our HEDIS coding professionals work meticulously to ensure to code the best and efficient medical solutions.


From ideation to project completion, our team of skilled coders works efficiently according to the requirements. At last, we launch the Project HEDIS in time.

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