Integrating BigCommerce Store with WordPress Blog is Now Possible

There are so many different ways that you have tried of featuring your products on your WordPress blog. However, none of the ways have been extremely effective. You have tried doing a screen grab or copying & pasting from your store or simply exporting images, but nothing seems to fit the bill. We offer BigCommerce development services, and we get a lot of our clients ask us about how they can make their store work with their WordPress blog. However, there wasn’t anything more convincing for a long time. Everyone had to go through the cumbersome process, and many even stopped featuring their product links on their blog. Our BigCommerce web designers are now extremely excited a solution that has captured everyone’s fancy. Our BigCommerce web design team is happy to introduce to you BigPr.Es


So, what exactly is this tool that is the catching the fancy of many BigCommerce design services companies?  It is the first premium WordPress premium that is meant to help you, BigCommerce vendors, to be able to present your products right from your BigCommerce store to your WordPress blog. This means that you will drive traffic to your store from your blog. All you need to do is complete a simple install of the plugin and drop your entire BigCommerce store right into your WordPress blog. This will mean that you will be able to spend more time on creating highly engaging content and not worry about the cumbersome process of presenting your merchandise on your blog.


Here are 4 exciting advantages that this plugin offers to you:

  1. Get Rid of Uploading/Hyperlinking: Once you have the plugin downloaded, your complete BigCommerce catalog becomes searchable through your WordPress blog.  That involves time saving as there is no copying and pasting, screen grabbing, or importing images.  All you need is a simple-click insert in your WordPress post editor.
  2. Experience: The experience becomes consistent from WordPress to BigCommerce store. The product images that are presented on the blog are same as your BigCommerce store.  That means that there is sync in experience as the user moves from the blog to the store.
  3. One Step Process: Time saving is extremely pertinent for modern day businesses. There are multiple things that you need to worry about, and the last thing you want to be bobbed down by is pasting images of your products in your blog. The plugin has over 10 different layout options for you to put your products on the blog.  So, you identify the layout that deem fit on the basis of your content and other requirements. All of this can be done in a single step.
  4. Search the Entire Catalog: Your customers don’t need to leave WordPress to be able to browse the entire range of your products. This makes it easy for them to browse through the options, and take a pick. That significantly improves the user interface of your store. Moreover, if you update your BigCommerce store; the changes are synced to your WordPress blog. The automation works perfectly for busy entrepreneurs.

Our BigCommerce web developers highly recommend this plugin. It is very easy to install and the cost is just $399 for the entire year.  The benefits you get are just perfect for the amount of investment you make. What’s more?  There is a 30-day money back guarantee. Thus, your risk is extremely limited.

Mahek Dave About the author