How Integrating BigCommerce And WordPress Can Enhance Your Marketing Experience

As we get into the new year, all of us make resolutions.  Some of you can keep their resolutions while the others can’t.  With businesses, though, keeping your resolutions becomes extremely important for the survival and growth of your business.  Many digital businesses promise themselves to adapt to the emerging marketing tools and improve their funnel of organic leads.  If you are among those businesses who would like to increase your funnel of organic leads, your BigCommerce web developers can help by integrating your BigCommerce store with WordPress.

Why Generating Leads for eCommerce Stores is Challenging?

So, when it comes to generating more organic leads; everyone has a different approach that they follow.  For most regular businesses, this will involve identifying top keywords and generating intriguing content around those keywords.  This will help them generate interest in the audience, create viral marketing, and get more leads.  For eCommerce stores, however, this approach will not suffice.  They need to go above and beyond to generate more organic leads for their online store.  Some elements of the same will include adding relevant product lines to the store, creating offers, and marketing those offers to improve conversion rates.

Blogging for Higher Conversion Rate

If you have ever hired WordPress development services, your development team would have informed you about the amazing potential that blogging presents to you.  It lets you present yourself as the opinion leader in the industry and generate more organic leads.  This platform can be helpful in the case of marketing any business, including eCommerce.  However, the challenge that you will face lies in the integration of BigCommerce and WordPress.  Till now, there wasn’t any tool that could help you integrate the 2 popular tools. This meant that you had to copy and paste your product information into your blog.  So, what does this mean to you:

  • This is more time consuming as you must manually copy and paste product information into your blog.
  • The experience of copying and pasting product information is not seamless.  There are times when you may not be able to present it in the best possible manner.

This is the reason why many marketers forego the opportunity of having their eCommerce product information in their blogs.

New WordPress Plugin to Solve the Problem

As your trusted Bigcomerce web developers, we are always on the lookout for solutions to common problems that our customers face.  One of the most coveted solutions for this problem is plugin.  This plugin can help you easily showcase your merchandise on your WordPress blog.

You have spent time, energy, and money on getting top notch Bigcommerce web design.  However, that will work when there are interested buyers on your site.  Therefore, integrating BigCommerce with WordPress is imperative as that is one of the strongest ways of marketing yourself.

Here are some impressive features of the plugin:

  • You can search and find your complete BigCommerce catalog through WordPress itself.  Therefore, you don’t have to leave this blogging platform while trying to add product information in the mix.
  • All changes you make to your product information (eg. Pricing) on BigCommerce is reflected on your blog.  So, you can be rest assured that all changes will be automatically accounted for.
  • The interface of this tool is extremely intuitive and will make it extremely simple for you to present your product information on your blog.

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