Neto Shaping the Future of Omnichannel Retail in Australia

Neto is a fast growing entity in Australia by being a network providing platform rather than a software agency. Neto has held the future of Aussie retails with its Omnichannel sales offerings. Let’s take a brief regarding it and learn how it is going to reshape the future of the Australian retail industry.


Digital Innovations in Australia

Digital innovations have transformed Australians’ shopping behaviour a lot. A greater degree of mobility has made shopping an Omnichannel experience. It has placed the retail industry in Australia at stake and compels retailers to go on Omnichannel routes rather than sticking with traditional approaches. A business hardly can thrive only by being a single entity like brick-n-mortar or ecommerce.

Status of Retail Industry in Australia


Brick stores were striving for online identity while ecommerce needed some physical outlets to serve its patrons for advanced delivery and pickup facilities. Ecommerce and brick stores both were looking for tying knots with international giants like Amazon and eBay to grab the immense opportunities available there.

Demand for an Omnichannel Platform in Australia


Australian retailers have everything at heart but striving for a platform to provide a network-enabled with the latest technologies. The amalgamation of multiple channels and integration of advanced technologies challenged the retailers, and online merchants were facing.

Neto Shaping the Future of Australian Retails


It was “Neto” which has taken up challenges seriously and came up with viable solutions. Today, it has 55% of year-on-year Australian revenue growth in 2018 and going to change the shape of the future of the retail industry in Australia. Let’s know how it happens in the present scenario.

Omnichannel Sales Opportunities Right from Startups


Gaining Omnichannel presence for retail without a ready to use platform is a nightmare. It needs a lot of investment upfront. Human resources management a big challenge. Syncing processes among different channels is a headache. Offering tech innovations and integration are daunting.

A Neto designer and Neto developer know all well and capable of offering Omnichannel presence even for a startup business right from the beginning. Do you know how a Neto expert can manage all? Neto Development Service Australia offers the following multiple platforms for a retail business.

  • Online presence with Neto web store development
  • In-store services with advanced Neto POS
  • Presence on eBay and Amazon like global marketplaces
  • Opportunities with wholesale and B2B presence

Seamless Integrations of Omnichannel Sales Processes


It is a centralised management concept working for each step of sales funnel, such as:

  1. In-sync inventory management for multiple locations with a single account and a centralised dashboard.
  2. Automated order management facilities across the channels.
  3. Excellent customer management with customer self-service & loyalty features.
  4. Multiple payment options, including online payment, mobile payment, and instant cash gratifications with POS.
  5. Streamlined shipping management experiences across the channels.
  6. Find the comprehensive visualisation of insights into your sales reports.

Tech Innovation Adaptability in Omnichannel Retails


AI (Artificial Intelligence) and associated technologies like voice recognition, machine learning, and natural language processing are boasting on the web and mobile platforms. Similarly, AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), and IoT (Internet of Things) are favourite tech innovations, which are frequently used by the modern shoppers to find, check, and buy their desired products right from anywhere and anytime.

A Neto Development Company can provide you with custom Neto development services to realise the presence of these emerging technology trends. Your customers can find your products in your brick stores with a tangible touch.

They have opportunities to compare prices with your ultimate online competitors. They can check your products virtually using AR offerings. AI enables you to attract shoppers from Omnichannel routes, retain them, and convert them with accurate predictions and useful suggestions. You can increase AOV by smart offerings and product presentations.

How fascinating experiences for your next generation shoppers in the coming years with Australian retails!

Increased Tendencies of Australian Retails in Leveraging Global Marketplaces


The sentiment of Australian retail community toward Amazon Australia is positive. Despite the presence of Australia Post’s Shipster scheme like opportunities, retailers are ready to tie knots with global players like eBay, Amazon, Google, and many other international ecommerce service providers.

We can visualise responses for global players by Australian retail businesses in the graph. Amazon and eBay are obvious winners, and Google Shopping follows it. Global players bring immense opportunities for growth-seeking retails in Australia. Chances of foreign trades are high without establishing EXIM infrastructure. Establish businesses can focus more on their core activities and increase sales by leveraging ready to use marketing infrastructure with global marketplaces.

Wrapping It Up:


Undoubtedly, Neto in Australia is going to change the shape of retails in the coming years. Thirst for growth is high in the Australian retail industry. Neto provides a solid foundation for the startups to established retail businesses in Australia with its impeccable networking abilities and offering an advanced platform for a variety of commercial activities.

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