Industry: Text and Video Chat apps
Platform: Mobile Apps

Chat App

GetStarted is a simplified design of messenger. Easy to use app with video call, audio call , message and hidden call features. People can send and receive photos, videos and voices. Also, people will be able to create a Friend list by using the App
GetStarted aimed to design & develop simplified design of messenger. Having a requirement of login & sign up using a phone number. Creation of groups for chatting & calling. High quality video calls. A user friendly app. They wanted a user friendly app where people are able to send messages during video calls, a multitasking user interface. Users can be able to view call details of incoming, outgoing and missed calls.

Considered these core features of the app,
  • Secret chats.
  • Delivery status.
  • Unsend message.
  • Group chats.
  • Moderation
  • Voice and video messages
  • Voice and video calls
  • File exchange

Technical team has started work and created a design which can stands out on client’s expectation and the whole project turned out at client’s satisfaction
DIT team has selected the programming tools in terms of the application for messenger and the whole software solution stability. Our development style utilizes these tools, adjusting them according to the architecture.

PHP programming language is successfully used. By maintaining;
  • Ability to stand intensive loads.
  • All computing server resources releasing after the task complexion.
  • Development affordability.

Node JS, Being based on the popular and easy to code JavaScript language, the platform is non-blocking, data-streaming and dynamic. It is well-built, enabling creation of high-load systems. Node JS enables up to 10,000 connections simultaneously and, therefore, it’s recommended for socket connections, we have used. NoSQL DB we used with JSON-documents for any nesting level.
To enable visual communication between users that can be based on the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).
The key functionality of an app, or the back-end, involves API, databases, storage servers, messaging protocols like XMPP, notification services, etc.

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