Risk adjustment coding is critical and requires expert’s guide for 99% accuracy. DIT INDIA specialized in risk adjustment coding helps clients look beyond healthcare through innovative solutions and healthcare technology platforms. With expertise in coding, cutting-edge technology, efficient services, and world-class industry standards, DIT INDIA constantly delivers best-in-class solutions and matchless costing to healthcare agencies worldwide.
Our coding experts enable administrations to look at the prevalence and effectiveness of treatment in their facility. Our expertise and code accuracy empowers healthcare agencies to implement innovative and sustainable solutions.

Why DIT INDIA for Medical


Clear Communication

Our team of highly trained specialist in risk adjustment coding ensure clear and transperent communication with Clients and Dit Interactive in order to deliver the best service along with resolving queries in timely manner.

Fast and Efficient

Leveraging latest technologies and effective techniques, our team of risk adjustment coding professionals strives for error free coding services ensuring fast and efficient results.

Good Work Analytics

Our seasoned medical data analytics professionals understand the varied requirements to create seamless flow and work processes. With in-depth work data analysis, we bring excellent results.

Two – Stage Code Review Process

Our two step record review process helps to remove coding leaks, correct errors and resolve bugs. Thus, with our two stage record review process ensures quality and definite source code.

Quality Performance Management

We stand for quality performance and provide quality assurance. With regular QA testing, reports and meetings, DIT INDIA provides excellent Quality Performance Management.


Timely delivery of projects. With our commitment to meeting deadlines, our dedicated experienced staff of medical coders work arduously delivering projects in set timelines with quality

Our Work Process



From brainstorming requirements to initializing the workflow, our specialized team strive to include all the relevant data to set up a flow chart for the perfect output


From ideation to planning, our experienced risk adjustment coding professionals research and analyze all the requirements and possible outcomes.

Custom Design

Experience in designing matrices for various industries, our designers are skillful in crafting easy to navigate and simple to use risk adjustment coding platforms.

Risk Adjustment Coding

Apt and efficient in medical coding , our seasoned and certified coders strive to deliver accurate and error-free coding


Once all the stages are completed, including reviewing and auditing process of medical records, our dedicated team launches and delivers the project in a set timeline

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