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What is magento?

Introduction About Magento

Magento is the most popular platform for the designing and development of interactive Ecommerce websites. The platform is open-source, flexible, and completely scalable. This makes Ecommerce designing & development with Magento easy and affordable. Its inbuilt content management system makes it simple to manage products and/or services. Moreover, Magento is loaded with top features that can assist small firms as well as large enterprises. At DIT India, we are a proven Magento website design company. We can develop customized Ecommerce platforms to suit your needs.

Why Magento?


Magento is an open source Ecommerce platform that currently powers more than 250,000 stores around the world. Some of the big brands like Coca-Cola, Burger King, Zumiez, and others are already using this platform.


Magento is flexible and scalable. Right from small and medium businesses to large, fast-growing enterprises; all of them can utilize Magento web development to serve their requirements. Moreover, Magento and its capabilities can grow with your business.

Ease of Payment

A Magento store can integrate with over 50 payment gateways. The platform also facilitates automatic checkout. This can help alleviate online merchants’ concerns about cart abandonment.

User Experience

Magento facilitates pleasant experience for the shoppers. Easy checkout options, customizable pages for Magento web design, and efficient selling & buying experience are few of the many things that Magento can do to create personalized, memorable user experience.

SEO Friendly

Magento supports SEO friendly coding, navigation, and URLs. This provides a significant boost to the marketing efforts of online merchants. By showing up on organic search results, stores can garner higher trust and more customer traction.

Multinational Support

With Magento, you can sell your products and/or service across the globe. If you hire professional Magento development services provider, they will be able to guide to create multi-lingual and multi-currency support.

Magento Features

Catalog Management

Magento makes catalog management a breeze. Catalogs with Magento are simple and configurable. It allows you to add unlimited product attributes, and also lets you create moderated product tags and reviews. Additionally, the platform also optimizes inventory management by managing backordered items and setting minimum and maximum quantities.

Search Engine Optimization

Magento is search engine friendly, and provides SEO ready URL’s. Also, it automatically generates site map to be displayed on the website along with deducing popular search terms by page. In addition to that, Magento offers Google Content API for shopping.

Mobile Commerce

With Magento, it is ever so simple to create mobile optimized storefronts. More and more customers are shopping from their mobile phone, and Magento helps you capture that trend. Such websites have zoom capabilities, up-sell and cross-sell options, drag and drop products to shopping cart, and more. These features help significantly improve the user experience that in turn leads to higher revenue.

Customer Service

There is an easy and editable Contact Us form that Magento offers. Orders for one or more customers can be created or edited from the admin panel. Automatic emails can be sent out for order and account update. Moreover, shoppers who have registered with the store can also check their order history with status updates and track their unfulfilled orders.

Site Management

If you have multiple Ecommerce sites with Magento, you can manage them all from a single Adminitrative Panel. Information sharing is facilitated, and you can only share as much information as is required. A wide range of templates are available, and most of them are fully customizable. Moreover, the platform supports various languages and services. Plus, there are a ton of other features which make site management with Magento simple and lucrative.

International Support

Do you have a store that sells to a global audience? Magento can assist you by providing support for localization, multiple currencies, and tax rates. It goes to the extent of supporting right to left text and accented characters for countries that use such text. There are other impressive features like shipping method to match shipping destination, VAT-ID validation facility, and more.

Product Browsing

Users experience is among the top priorities of Magento. That reflects in how a product can be browsed with multiple images, and each image can be zoomed in. Users can instantly check stock availability, add the product to wish list, share it on Facebook, send it to a friend through email, and even see explore related products. For the vendors, this is an apt opportunity of upselling and reducing cart abandonment.

Checkout, Payment, and Shipping

With Magento, checkout is just a single page. Customers can checkout as guests or create an account with the store. Customers can ship products to multiple addresses in one order, and can even save the shopping cart for later use. The checkout process is SSL secured on both the front and back-end. Payments can be made through multiple payment gateways, and vendors can decide to charge a flat rate shipping per order or item, or offer free shipping.

Analytics & Reporting

Magento is integrated with Google Analytics. Hence, there are multiple reports and analysis that can be accessed by the merchants. This includes basic sales report, cart abandonment report, report for best viewed and/or best purchased products, coupon usage report, and more. If properly used, such reports and analytics can help merchants significantly grow their business by correcting any mistakes and focusing on their best selling items.


Magento provides features to automatically help you market your products and/or services. As an example, the related products section encourages organic up-selling and cross-selling. You have the ability to set catalog promotional pricing and even restrict that to certain products, categories, or stores. In addition to that, there are other features like product bundling, landing page for categories, multi-tier pricing for quantity discounts, and more.

Our Magento Service

DIT India has the expertise to provide an exhaustive list of Magento development services and. Right strategy to integrations, design, and migration; we have the team and the prowess to complete the project with aplomb.


Maintenance & support

Our role doesn’t end with the delivery of the project. We go above and beyond to successfully maintain & support your online store. Here are just some of the many things we can do for you:


  • 1


    At this stage, we thoroughly understand the client’s requirement and ensure it suits their current business situation.

  • 2


    Top strategists at DIT India congregate to develop a detailed strategy to how best the client’s business goal can be achieved.

  • 3

    Plan of Action

    The strategy is then converted into a plan of action, and shared with the client for reviews. All necessary amendments are incorporated.

  • 4


    The plan of action is then translated into something tangible in the form of prototypes and wireframes.

  • 5

    Delivery & Maintenance

    Finally, the wireframes are converted into real product. The project is thus implemented and maintained thereafter.

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