Why Magento?


Magento is an open source Ecommerce platform that empowers 250,000+ stores around the world. Big brands like Coca-Cola, Burger King, Zumiez, and others are already using this platform.


Magento is flexible and scalable. From small & medium businesses to large, fast-growing enterprises; Magento development services from a dedicated Magento Development Company are for everyone’s requirements. Also, Magento can expand/grow along with your business.

Ease Of Payment

A Magento store can integrate with over 50 payment gateways. The platform also facilitates automatic checkout. This can help alleviate online merchants’ concerns about cart abandonment.

User Experience

Magento facilitates pleasant experience for shoppers. From easy checkout, customized Magento designed website pages, to hassle-free shopping experience, Magento offers personalized, impactful user experience.

SEO Friendly

Magento supports SEO-friendly coding, navigation, and URLs, which boost marketing efforts significantly. With top search engine rankings, stores can garner higher trust and more customer traction.

Multinational Support

With Magento, you can sell products and/or services across the globe. Hire professional and dedicated Magento development services Agency, you can create multi-lingual and multi-currency support.

Magento Features

Magento Features

Catalogue Management

Magento makes catalog convenient and configurable. From creating product tags, reviews to adding unlimited product attributes, Magento optimizes inventory management.

Search Engine Optimization

From generating sitemap, SEO-friendly URLs to generating keywords, Magento offers Google Content API for making shopping easier.

Mobile eCommerce

Magento aids mobile optimized stores that makes mobile shopping quite easier. Embedded with a lot of features, it significantly improves the user experience, on mobiles, boosting sales.

Customer Service

Offering readymade forms for supporting customer care, Magento generates automatic emails, along with shipment status updates with tracking details.

Site Management

A single administrative panel allows to manage multiple eCommerce sites along with supporting multiple languages and services. From customized templates to other tons of features, Magento makes site management simple and convenient.

International Support

Embedded with impressive features, Magento empowers global site with localization, multiple currencies and tax rates. From shipping method, VAT-ID validation facility to accented characters, Magento offers all.

Product Browsing

UX being its core, Magento offers zoom in and zoom out features, along with multiple image option. From checking in stock, adding item to wishlist, to sharing on Facebook, Magento boosts sales and reduces cart abandonment.

Checkout, Payment and Shipping

With different checkout options, shipment to multiple addresses and saving shopping cart for later use, Magento offers secure front-end and back-end checkout processes along with multiple payment gateways.


Magento has result oriented marketing support to increase sales. From product bundling, landing page for categories to multi-tier pricing for quantity discounts, Magento boosts organic search results for products.

Analytics & Reporting

With integrated Google Analytics, Magento delivers various reports including sales, cart abandonment, coupon usage for easy analysis. Multiple reports and analytics significantly helps.
Our Magento Service

Our Magento Service

With expertise in Magento, DIT emerges as a leading Magento web development company and ecommerce development agency. Our team of dedicated designers and developers, including certified Magento developers, possesses years of experience in delivering impeccable Magento ecommerce development services. From integrations to design and migration, we ensure a seamless journey for your online store. Trust DIT as your Magento ecommerce development agency and partner with our skilled Magento website designers to achieve unparalleled success in the digital world.
  • Magento Design & UX
  • Magento Ecommerce Development
  • CMS Solution Integration
  • QA, Security, and Support
  • CRM, ERP Integration
  • Custom module development
  • Hosting & server optimization
  • Multi-lingual store development
  • Experience design and development team
Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & Support

Our Magento services go the extra mile! We provide 24/7 support after launch, ensuring your online store runs smoothly. Our dedicated team is here for you, long after project delivery.
  • Adding new features
  • Updating graphics and promotional banners
  • Adding new products
  • Updating new features




At this stage, we thoroughly understand the client’s requirement and ensure it suits their current business situation.


Top strategists at DIT congregate to develop a detailed strategy to how best the client’s business goal can be achieved.

Plan Of Action

The strategy is then converted into a plan of action by Magento designers and developers, and shared with the client for reviews. All necessary amendments are incorporated.


The plan of action is then translated into something tangible in the form of prototypes and wireframes.

Delivery & Maintenance

Hire dedicated Magento developer – DIT for the faster delivery and unbeatable maintenance support after the launch.

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Client Reviews

I am so happy with the new table implementation I could fly to India to give you a big hug!!!! Yes, it is 1000% better from the non-technical end-user perspective! Thank you for pushing on this and finding another WordPress solution.
Pamela Cisneros / CEO Miami, Florida
Good response guys. A true partner! Phase 2 in a week or 2.
Darren / New York, NY
Thanks again for everything! There may still be some small issues with the forms… but I will let you know if I need more help. I am sending a small bonus. You guys did a great job!!
JP Brind’Amour / Client Services Ontario, Canada
I just wanted to thank you again for your outstanding communication during this project! I’m thankful we have the chance to develop this relationship with you guys. I believe we’ll plan on using you more for next projects…
Justin S / Los Angeles, CA

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