Why You Should Switch from Yahoo! Store to BigCommerce?

We offer BigCommerce development services as well as BigCommerce web design. From time to time, we run into various customers who want to move from different eCommerce platforms to BigCommerce. In this blog, we shall discuss a case study of one of our clients who decided to move from Yahoo! Store, and the benefits they reaped by getting professionals to help them move to BigCommerce.


As mentioned earlier, the client was with Yahoo! Store. When they had started their business, Yahoo! Store was a good option. However, times have changed quite drastically now. The client’s business was growing and they had more traffic coming in. They wanted a platform that could help them seamlessly manage their growth and also help them with modern-day SEO techniques. In other words, they wanted to make it future proof.


While it was an easy decision to decide to move, what was more challenging was the platform to choose. They discussed with a different development company, and there were various options that were discussed. Right from OsCommerce to Magento to some of the other tools; they were all discussed. The client decided to move to Magento, but they soon found it extremely frustrating to work with Magento for their large-scale eCommerce venture. They realized that there was a large contribution that the client and the development team had to make to keep the show running.  As an example, they needed an enterprise level plan for support. In addition to that, the client had to buy their own hosting and also hire a developer to work with them on a continuous basis.  


After a frustrating move to Magento, they decided to switch to BigCommerce. They continued with their existing developer and the job wasn’t done properly. That’s when we stepped in to offer our expertise with BigCommerce web design and development. Our job was pretty clearly laid out. We had to clean up the migration and also endeavor to get the site re-optimized to improve the store’s search engine results.

Our team of BigCommerce web designers and developers has, in the past, worked on multiple code cleaning exercises and our performance has been exemplary. Here are some of the tasks we undertook:

  • The team cleaned the code.
  • We provided the client with multiple tools for SEO Analytics. This was to help the customer make the most of SEO and improve their search engine rankings.
  • Our experts worked on some new usability development. Given the size of the store’s target market, it was important to make the store highly usable.
  • We also made use of analytics data as well as usability testing to improve content and layout of the website.
  • Broken links were fixed and new slider images were created.
  • We ensured that the latest blog of the company was on the front page. This was to ensure that fresh content was available at all times.
  • Lastly, we implemented a responsive design strategy for the website. As you would have guessed, responsive design is better for mobile users. It makes the site more user-friendly. Along with that, having responsive design also helps with Google rankings as that is one important part of Google’s new ranking matrix. So, the strategy helps with the continuously expanding mobile user base and also with Google rankings.


The aforementioned activities helped the clients with the following:

  1. Increased Revenue
  2. Longer Sessions
  3. Improved Conversion Rate
  4. Reduced Bounce Rate


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