Top 10 UI Trends to Get Your App Ready for 2019

Top 10 UI Design Trends to Bolster Your App Performance in 2019

Our homes usually have two fronts in the front face and back face. Anyone can enter through the front face but in backyard none without permission and passing through the interior of the home. The same goes true somewhat about software. 

For public use, it has a front-end interface. For an owner or selected users, it has a back-end interface. It means, for the mobile app users, the front-end UI development is crucial. It is the first place a user encounters while going to interact with the mobile application. By adopting the latest mobile UI design trends, front-end website developer can prepare your app to win in a stiffly competitive market in 2019. Let’s check the top ten app UI design trends.

Designing UI for Bigger Screens

Smartphones are getting bigger sizes gradually. Thereby, user interface developers have to adjust app UI layout and other aspects accordingly. Off-canvas & other navigation schemes are helping to overcome UX issues born with the expansion of screen size. Responsive design and OS form factors are demanding considerations in front-end development from a front-end developer.

Deep & Rich Navigation 

By providing more options in the navigation in a simple yet creative way, UI developer can make it deep and rich in experiences. Such navigation design demands focus on different types of navigation design options, such as vertical, horizontal, modular, off-canvas, and infinite scrolling or parallax screens. Parallax is good for content-rich apps and modular for managing to scroll for several rows of content. Off-canvas alleviates distractions associated with navigational elements on the screen.

Designing Motion by Animations

Animations show motions on the design and simulate life on digital screens. Careful animation design can help UI designers in various ways. For instance, it can lighten up navigation design, provides easy transition during zooming, and confirm the actions made by app users. If you want to convey a visual message macro animation is a great way. Micro animations on navigational elements make navigation comprehensive and intuitive even without the help of any text. 

Storytelling UI Design

Storytelling proved an excellent way of presentation for marketers and brands. It helps to strengthen relationships with app users if implemented in-app UI design. The graphics design, illustrations, and animations used in the creation of storytelling UIs offer unique design experiences to app users. Brands can infuse branding elements like logo, theme, and brand messages in storytelling UI design. Be careful about UX while designing UIs and try to use the latest technologies to augment it in the front-end development projects for your mobile apps. 

Performance-oriented UI Design

Being front-end developer designer, I know that great UX always comes with good performance of the application in the frontend development world. Smooth flow of screens and interactions only comes after complete performance optimization encompassing image compression, compact code, and right application of various programming scripts, including JavaScript in your cross-platform app design. The frontend web developers or frontend website developers know the significance of performance-oriented UI design well.

Integration of Emerging Technologies- AI-powered Chat

AI is an emerging technology, and Chatbot is a common application of it. Chatbot provides a smart interface for support services, marketing, and best UX. So, expert and experience UI developers prefer to integrate its various mobile app development projects.

Integration of Emerging Technologies- Voice Search

Most of the modern mobiles come with a voice assistant. Moreover, the majority of search engines supported voice search by providing voice recognition and associated APIs for the integration of the latest technologies. Therefore, trends in designing voice interfaces are gaining momentum. Voice interface helps app users in-app and data security by offering voice-based and bio-metric authentication & authorization interface. The same voice interface goes well for voice search.

Integration of Emerging Technologies- AR Application

Ecommerce product selling apps, fashion & apparel industry apps, and retail apps know the utility of AR technology to provide the best and innovative experiences. Thus, app UI designers and UI developers looking for ways to integrate AR APIs and design AR specific interfaces in the apps. 

Enhanced Readability in UI Design

Typography is a crucial UI design element for mobile-friendly UIs. The recent release of scalable typefaces like Helvetica Neue and other similar fonts have paved the way for UI developers to improve the readability of textual content of the apps. Similarly, the application of boldface, contrasting font colors, and adaptive styling can enhance overall app content consumption experiences. 

Advanced Touch Gestures in UI Design

The use of touch gestures has advanced now thanks to improved maturity of mobile users and capacities of touch screens to respond to various touch gestures in different and unique ways. For instance, app UI designers were offering object moving functionality with sweep touch gestures in the early days. Today, sweep also is used for deleting an object, and the Tinder app has made it famous. 

We have reviewed only a few top trends, but your bespoke mobile application UI design may demand something unique in approach. At DIT India, talented UI developers always take care of meeting expectations of the client and their end-users. UI designers have knacks to come up with functional, enhanced, and advanced UI designs for any scale of app development.

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