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Dit India – Tips For Front End Developers To Walk Away From Bad Design Ideas

The most difficult part of being in the creative industry is to kill your own creation. Given that you are reading this document, we can assume that you are a front-end / user interface developer. It is hard to be us, isn’t it? We have to come up with creative ideas of developing a great front end for a website or web application. However, there are many times when we get too attached to our creation. It can be that element of a design that impedes the entire process. – How Much Does a Website Cost: Definitive Guide to Web Design Pricing

You’ve decided that your business needs to launch a new website. The next logical step is to figure out how much does a web design cost, find the best developer and strike a deal. It should be a straightforward process but web design pricing and finding the right studio is one of the biggest and most stressful challenges a company can face. – 15 Collage Maker Tools to Create Fun Visual Elements

With endless possibilities provided by the best collage maker tools, if you’re not using one already it’s time to get started. Let’s now have a look at some top collage makers to help you start creating fun visual elements for your WordPress website and elsewhere. – Choose the Best Background for Your Website

A background image is the first impression a visitor has of your website and could be what keeps them browsing, or closing that window. The right image should grab your audience’s attention and keep them intrigued. We challenge you to go through this list of possibilities for your background image and see what you can tick off. – What Happens When You Analyze 100 Landing Page Examples?

We’ve chosen 100 landing page examples and critiqued them on their optimization efforts to show you exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to CRO. – 9 Great Web Design Lessons We Learned from Wix Sites

When embarking on the challenge of creating your own website, the urge to make something that is original and unique is totally understandable. But if you want a word of advice – there is great value in learning from the success (or misfortunes) of other people who were there before you. In this post, we exhibit some of the most innovative concepts we discover on Wix sites. Get ready for your daily learning drill!

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Ixia – When Threat Intelligence is Not Enough

Traditional threat intelligence can overwhelm security teams and make it difficult to mitigate immediate threats. It’s simply not enough for organizations that need watertight security. Discover a new approach to threat intelligence: instead of volumes of information about incoming traffic, a database of “known bad” IP addresses, with the ability to block traffic from these IPs to your network.


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