Top 6 Web Design Reads: November ’16 Part:2

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Why Front End Developers Are Raving About Ultra-Minimal Web Design

We, at DIT India, have been front end web developers for a long time. In this period, we have realized that there are numerous trends that hit the web design industry each year. However, very few of these trends stay long enough to impact the future generation of trends. They come in, become a rage, and phase out equally fast. Among the few trends that have been timeliness, Minimalism is the one that always makes the list. Front end / user interface developers have been talking about minimalism since a long time, and it has impacted some of the newer trends that have come about. – Exploring the Design Trends of Small Business Websites

These trends can be applied to any business website to create a stronger layout and digital identity. Small businesses make up most of the cogs that keep society moving. Every successful business provides something of value and this is especially true of small businesses. – Responsive Design, Tools of the Trade, and the Ever Changing Designer

A few years ago myself and my office-mates had our collective minds blown by responsive design. It wasn’t the fact that responsive design was “a thing” – but more by the pace at which responsive began its takeover. This post looks at the story behind responsive design, tools of the trade, and the ever-evolving designer. – A Look Inside Design at Wix, the cloud-based web development platform, is known for it’s simple interface that allows users to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites using drag and drop tools. We interviewed Nir Yuz, UX Studio Manager at Wix, in Tel Aviv, Israel. – 16 of the Best Examples of Beautiful Blog Design

According to a recent U.K. survey, bloggers have ranked as the third most trustworthy source of information, following only friends and family. That’s right – bloggers are trusted more than celebrities, journalists, brands, and politicians. That’s why we’ve compiled some examples of blog homepages to get you on the right track to designing the perfect blog for your readers. Check ’em out. – A Better Responsive Web Design Process for 2016

The fixed-width approach to website design may have served you well for years, but the process falters when applied to responsive websites. If you want to design websites responsively, here are the changes required to bring that workflow up to date.

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