BigCommerce Shows Their Clients The Best Way Into The Virtual World

With the eCommerce industry growing in terms of sheer numbers with more and more people turning to online options for their needs, BigCommerce has been providing these customers with quality service. Simply put, BigCommerce development services are the gateway to the wide and vast eCommerce universe. An independent third party research firm Ipsos found through their study, that eCommerce clients using BigCommerce have had a twofold growth in business when compared to the industry average. The year on year growth for 2015-2016 was 50% and BigCommerce design services contributed towards this with 25% faster page response times and a 100% up-time.

By tackling the requests for improvements and for some of the most requested features head on, BigCommerce web developers have added features like

  • ShipperHQ, a shipping calculator t
  • hat helps to value multiple, heavy and oversized shipments
  • A browser can even use ShipperHQ to calculate shipping for individual products
  • The discounts and advance couponing features have been enhanced
  • A single page checkout option and select clients can use this in beta
  • Search options are now faceted which makes sites more interactive for browsers
  • Partner Integrations allow Dropshipping options
  • Moving an existing store to BigCommerce is now easier with quicker seamless migrations services
  • Customising or choosing from existing templates is also a choice that a client has
  • Certified experts for any kind of design and technical help
  • And selling on mobile devices is a built in feature with BigCommerce templates, this allows the client/E-store to display equally well on mobile phones and tablets as well as on desktops.

More and more IR 1000 brands and Fortune 500 companies have been partnering with BigCommerce development services for their businesses as these merchants see a saving of thousands of dollars in just maintenance costs that are not spent in correcting and fixing back end technologies and also for BigCommerce’s ability to push for higher sales numbers for their clients. Integrations with global leading companies like Google, Salesforce, Facebook, Twitter, Alibaba, PayPal etc and BigCommerce web developers have helped clients achieve the promised success.

2016 has been an even more exciting year for BigCommerce and the success of the partnerships between BigCommerce and their clients speaks for itself. The merchant Beta program is available to every BigCommerce client, here new products that are in the process of implementation are tested with existing customers, and this allows any feedback from the client to be applied to the process for a better output.  2016 has seen BigCommerce design services file betas for

  • Shipping solutions
  • Product Management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Checkout and Payments
  • Social Media and Social Commerce
  • Selling on Marketplaces like eBay and Amazon
  • Various B2B features

BigCommerce web designers have been moving towards integrating various services so that clients have a hub across various channels for their merchandising activities. This will help brands that have physical stores as well as digital stores allowing them to align sales, inventory and other related business activities easily. 2016 also saw the launch of Stencil which offers branded store fronts design frameworks. Partnering with design and development companies like Pixel Union, Groove and Interstellar showcase Stencil’s capabilities to its advantage. BigCommerce’s goals have always been to increase merchant sales, develop features that ensure customer loyalty and trust and most importantly to continue taking clients into the future.

BigCommerce’s promise of the best partners and solutions in software is a continuous process and they have made it so much easier for those looking to enter the eCommerce world by providing a stable platform with expert staff to resolve and enhance every aspect of being showcased online. The flexibility and freedom offered by bigcommerce web designers to its clients will launch them correctly into the virtual world.

Mahek Dave About the author