Your Ecommerce Landing Page: How to Optimize and Increase Sales

Landing pages are extremely important to your eCommerce page, but they can be neglected.  When you first designed your eCommerce site, you would have heard your eCommerce web designer talk to you about the significance of landing pages.  However, it never went any further from there.  Landing pages are important to create a brand.  However, more importantly; they are imperative to help your visitors understand why they should buy from you and what they should do next.  You can have new or returning visitors on your website, and your landing page should be optimized enough to motivate the traffic to continue engaging with your brand.  

Most online retailers spend a large amount of money on their marketing.  However, all of this marketing will be redundant if the landing page did not motivate the visitors to make a purchase on your website.  That is reflected by subpar conversion rates of ads and other marketing efforts.


Given that your eCommerce website designer spoke to you about a landing page, we understand that you will know what it basically means.  However, for the sake of clarity, let us define it again.  It is nothing but any standalone webpage that is targeted towards a cohort of traffic.  The objective of the landing page is to offer ideal user experience.  The page is your response to someone clicking on a search result or an online advertisement.  However, what is missing in existing landing pages is customization.  You are not adapting to the users in question and the landing page can be failing to create the right impression.


Marketing industry has been abuzz with the significance of user-friendly marketing.  In other words, everything that you do for marketing should be focused on the unique needs of the customers.  Same is the case with landing pages.  They need to be user-focused.  What you need to be careful about, though, is that there is no single landing page anymore.  Every page that your customer lands on is a landing page.  It could be your website’s home page, your product page, or even your site’s category page.  However, do you think that all these pages are user optimized?  

Gone are those days in the past when you focused on building value on the homepage.  Your eCommerce design service provider will tell you about the journey of a website visitor.  They will first go to your home page then your about us page then the category page and finally to the product page, where they will eventually make a purchase.  However, that isn’t the case anymore.  Today, users might see an ad on Facebook for laptops and go straight to your laptops category page.  Even more specific can be the case of users going straight to a product page.  In other words, all your website pages are landing pages and they need to be optimized for the users.  


So, we have identified that your users can visit your site from different sources and land on different pages.  Your users can come from a Facebook ad, marketing email, search engine result, search engine ad, other advertisement, product recommendation email, etc.  Given the scenario, you can adopt the following steps to implement user-friendly landing pages:

  1. Value on Each Page: Each consumer has infinite number of options.  As Forbes says, we are moving towards the death of loyalty.  Therefore, do all your pages give enough reasons to your site visitors to make a purchase?  You have a special value proposition, and you need to present that to your users on every page.
  2. Make it Simple:  Within a few seconds, your page should help your users find answers to the following questions:
    1. Who are you and what you offer?
    2. What is your value proposition?
    3. What should they do next?
  3. Target Marketing:  You can’t have a broad target market and try to succeed in today’s times.  You need to identify the right target market.  You can use the plethora of analytics available to you, and make an educated decision.
  4. Consumer Behavior Marketing:  Now that you have identified your target audience, you can adopt consumer behavior based marketing.  As soon as someone visits your site, you should have information about whether they are a first time visitor, where did they come through, and which ad they clicked on.  All of that can tell you where the user should be directed and what information should be contained on the page.

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