How the Improved Vend & Shopify Integration Can Help Customers


We have been offering Shopify design services and development support to our global customers for years.  During these years, our Shopify developers India have worked on various different types of projects and have witnessed many updates in technology.  However, there are still times when new developments and updates amaze us.  Some of our Shopify experts in India believe that this change can usher a new era of success for Shopify retailers.  We are talking about the improved Vend & Shopify integration.  This new integration is offering a comprehensive experience to retailers, one that will help them manage their stocks and increase their sales in a more sophisticated manner.  In fact, the integration will do a world of good to advanced and multi-outlet retailers.

Here are some interesting aspects of the integration:

  1. Multi-outlet inventory:  Our Shopify developers India are regularly met with retailers that have multiple physical locations.  Keeping a track of inventory for these multiple locations can be a daunting task for them.  This can also have negative consequences.  As an example, products may be available for sale online even when it is out of stock.  Vend, however, makes it possible now to collate and then sync your stock from different locations and warehouses so that you can sell it on your Shopify store. 
  2. Ensure your best products are always in stock: Vend integrates with Shopify and provides you with great analysis on your different products’ sales trends.  This way, you can make informed decisions about inventory ordering.  Therefore, you will be able to make sure that your top-selling products are always in stock. 
  3. 24/7 Availability:  Vend is continuously tracking your inventory from multiple locations.  This allows your Shopify store to have accurate information 24 by 7.  Your customers are busy, and having this option allows them to make purchases at their convenience. 
  4. Stay on top of Inventory: When you have more than one store, it is very easy to lose track of inventory.  With Vend, though, you can stay on top of your inventory at all times.  You will be able to see when stock is low and place reorders.  Viewing, managing, and reordering can be done from a single location, i.e. Vendo.  This offers great convenience to retailers. 
  5. Product Activating & Deactivating: You can publish/activate as well as deactivate products on Vendo and that will instantly show up on your Shopify store. 
  6. CSV Uploads:  This is another feature of Vendo-Shopify integration that we like.  You can now bulk upload products from Vendo to your Shopify store with the help of CSV.  If you are adding multiple products to your offering, you can do this with ease. 
  7. Customer Management: With Vendo, you can record customer details even if an email id is not provided.  All you need to do is ask for an email at the time of the next purchase that a customer makes. 
  8. Price Syncing:  In the past, it was hard for Vendo to sync product prices that were 3 decimals.  That has been rectified now, and prices with 3 decimals can be synced properly now.


As mentioned earlier, we offer Shopify development and Shopify customer design services.  We have inhouse Shopify design experts and developers who can provide the best solution for your needs.  For more information about our solutions and the expertise of our team, you can contact us

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