Emerging Ecommerce Trends 2020 – Be the First to Learn

Emerging Ecommerce Trends 2020 - Be the First to Learn

With a yearly growth of 15% approx. and an additional 3% in 2018, e-Commerce is something that is going to transform the business world. With the evolving times, growing challenges and ever-changing customer demands, Business is not everybody’s cup of tea. It rather eats your frog first or runs before you become a feast of anyone else. And therefore, to be ahead of all, you need to grab that piece and start working before anybody else does.

So, let’s see what’s there for e-stores or eCommerce businesses for the coming year.

The Amazon Effect – The Lasting Effect

Amazon is being the biggest giant in eCommerce business is always a pioneer in bringing up varied selling concepts. It remolds the shopping patterns, customer expectations and a new competitive landscape which largely affects the current retailers and this is known as Amazon effect. It is seen that small online stores/eCommerce portals have started following the Amazon effect in order to grow their businesses. And, this is surely will be the new trend of 2020.

Video Descriptions – An Added Value to Product Descriptions

You must be wondering what is video descriptions?

Selling online an array of products usually involves providing varied short and long product descriptions. However, with the changing taste of consumers, shoppers are looking for visual display rather than reading those long information about the products. Therefore video descriptions will be in more demand as they provide more detailed information about the product along with how to use instructions. Numerous famous brands with the assistance of eCommerce design service, are already coming up with video descriptions.

Get Interactive – Get Involved

Poor image or low-quality appearance of product display on the eCommerce site is the biggest hurdle that set back sales and loses many customers. Normally it also increases abandoned baskets exponentially. And, the best way to overcome this is to provide an option to check the entire product. Here eCommerce website designers skilled in the new technology of 3D can help you. Provide 3D image of the product or a 360-degree video having a slider control, which enables the customer with easy access and helps to view almost every part of the product. Providing such clarity will remove ambiguity and reduce the abandoned cart ratio invariably increase the number of sales.

Multiple Payment Option – The More The Better

eCommerce is all about buying and making payments. With the ease of payment and high security of the transaction, it becomes quite easier for customers to purchase as it instills trust factor. With a huge customer base around the world using different payment options according to their region, it becomes quite important to offer various payment options. As varied customers use various payment options, it is crucial that you should not limit to just one or two options like credit or debit cards. Bring in more options like PayPal, Bank Transfer, Amazon Pay where customers can use the method whichever they want. Reliable eCommerce web designers and developers are always dexterous to encode secured payment options.

Expand Beyond Horizon – Sky is the Not the LIMIT

Quite surprising but it is true that many e-stores restrict themselves to certain areas. They avoid shipping to unknown areas or just limit to some listed countries. With the world moving closer and developing countries growing dramatically, it is crucial to reach a wider area to grab those potential customers. Providing your store to as many regions and languages along with offering shipping facilities to more countries will possibly open up new avenues and can generate more revenue. If you looking to instill multiple options, a reliable eCommerce design company is your best bet to embed the latest features.

Business to Business – Moving A Step Ahead with Business

It is a norm that eCommerce means business to a customer basis only. But how about if business to business will be a new trend and it would surprise even more with this emerging trend set. Numerous businesses with their wide array of products can attract small businesses to grow at a faster rate.
Business to business eCommerce will set ablaze and will set your business moving. So, why not expand the horizons and grab the new market.

As technology is growing and people are looking forward to eStores, it becomes crucial that you have the most advanced eCommerce store. Starting from your eCommerce design, interface, and products to the customer care and additional facilities, everything counts for your customers, and can only make you move ahead of this eCommerce age.

And, to win to this marathon hire an eCommerce Designer India proficient in eStore interface, latest technology and a vision for the evolving trends in eCommerce designs. Limiting to your business-level can be a huge drawback but having the foresight of the changing trends and embracing the evolving nature of online stores can help you gain huge success.

So, with these new emerging trends already gearing up for the next year 2020, be ahead and get smarter and capture the market.

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