How Shopify Unite 2019 Will Impact Merchants & Shoppers in 2020

How Shopify Unite 2019 Will Impact Merchants & Shoppers in 2020

This year’s Shopify Unite 2019 has some big things to bring to the table of merchants and Shopify development services agencies. Not just limited to enhancing the existing features, it has some surprising announcements that can take Shopify to the next level and help businesses to embellish their eCommerce stores with new features and enhance the shopping experience attracting and retaining customers.
Let’s us unveil the major announcements and check what your take-home for this Shopify Unite 2019.

Enhanced Product presentation

Boosting the capacity of the product presentation appears to engage shoppers on a new level, which lead to increased conversions. Presenting the products in a more realistic way with the aid of AR and video presentation brings an added advantage. Shopify brings this powerful feature which not only attracts more customers but also generates more sales by engaging them to a new level. Learning this new feature, Shopify design expert not only enhances your eStore presentation but also can add up to your sales.

Multiple Languages

With boundaries expanding and businesses looking for new markets, selling globally is the latest trend. To help Shopify stores move ahead in reaching their global customers, new APIs has been introduced. Shopify developers can seamlessly integrate this wonderful feature to improve the shopping experience for global customers.

Multiple Currencies

Going global with multiple languages also requires adding up yet another feature – multiple currencies. This allows store owners to offer customized experience by displaying prices in shopper’s local currencies. Shopify 2019 Unite announced the introduction of multiple currencies for all merchants globally.

Installing this feature is quite easy by hiring a Shopify developer, who can migrate safely as the feature currently supports 10 key currencies, automatically fine-tuning the prices based on the foreign-exchange rates.

New Additions in Shopify POS
Shopify website development company aids merchants enhancing their store value embedding a lot many new features and Shopify POS is the next big thing. The advanced version of Shopify POS helps merchants who want to invest in building potent relationships with their customers. In 2019 Unite, Shopify has announced new developments that can enable Shopify developers to improve eStore engagement leading to more sales.
The redesigning of the app with enriched checkout experience offers improved appearance and speed, better visibility of the important information and heart-touching thank you note whenever a purchase is completed.

Shopify Plus

This year, the most innovative feature – Shopify Plus has been introduced that invariably aids in maximizing the growth of large, more complex businesses. This feature empowers Shopify website Development Company to aid complex businesses to quadruple their sales. The advanced feature helps big businesses to manage multiple stores, customers, and staff accounts, offering a detailed insight to their entire online business.

With so many new advancements, complex brands can reach global customers delivering products and services. And no doubt, Shopify website services boost the development leveraging the best of features to multiply the sales.

Shopify Fulfilment Network

It’s surprising not only for merchants but also for Shopify developers as Shopify Fulfilment Network has some extraordinary features to unveil in Unite 2019.

  • Reducing the number of errors across different channels and locations with orders, inventory and customer data.
  • Hassle-free returns and exchanges
  • Stress-free administration of numerous channels from your online store to Amazon, Instagram and eBay
    Hassle-free maintenance of varied inventory levels
  • Efficient account management at the warehouse, offering expertise and better control of logistics
    Shipment of 10 to 10,000 per day

    Take-home for Merchants and Shopify development companies

    With the year close by, Shopify Unite 2019 has diligently brought many exciting and imperative updates for eStore developers and merchants alike. Improving user journeys and moulding the way your customer’s shop starts right at the core of Shopify settings, and Shopify experts in India keep themselves aware of the new advancement and upcoming launches.

    To meet the evolving customers and merchant’s demands, Shopify brings in more automation that saves time and fulfills demands. It not only saves time but also efforts helping not only big giants but also small businesses to scale up and satisfy the needs of their customers worldwide.
    No doubt, with the coming year 2020 merchants can be partnered with Shopify Development Company to get the advantage of many features and apps to offer.

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