HTML or WORDPRESS – Which Is Best for Site Migration

Confused about WP Migration – Don’t Miss to Check These Reasons


Why You Need WP Migration for Your Website?

With WordPress ranking number one when it comes to web development, you must be intrigued whether you need to migrate your website to WordPress or not.

To ease the air, let’s see the statistics of websites developed on varied platforms


60% WordPress

5% Wix

4% Squarespace

4% Joomla

3% Drupal

1% Blogger

23% Others


It clears the clouds as you can realize that, no doubt, WordPress is a leading platform for designing, developing and maintaining websites. It is proven that there is something unique and incredible that makes WordPress indispensable. With its colossal range of features and simple to use CMS, it has been website owners #1 choice. And, looking at its advantages, a huge momentum can be seen in WP migration.
If you are NO BIG FAN of WordPress, and still you have that clause why you need to consider WP migration for your website, let us take you on the bandwagon of WordPress journey unveiling these 10 simple reasons that explain what makes WordPress Migration stands out.

Mobile-Friendly – Next Gen Friendly!

According to internet user survey reports, major swift has been seen from desktop to smartphone. This clearly states that your website is most likely to be searched more on a mobile platform compared to desktop. Therefore, it is important to upgrade your website to mobile responsive. This will help to tap on the potential visitors who are normally mobile users. In a way, WordPress helps you to gain that untapped growth as it is well equipped with a mobile-friendly interface.

Secure Solutions – Everything is Protected!

Sometimes, data loss becomes such a serious issue that companies need to file for bankruptcy and closing. Nevertheless, when it comes to WordPress migration, it does not seem the same. Well aware of growing online threats, it keeps itself well updated with a lot of security tools that help to shield your website against various cyber threats and malicious software. With WP covering a gamut of security plans, WordPress users need not have to invest in any other security plans.

SEO Capabilities – Making Ranking Easier!

Everyone wants their business to do well and for this they want their website to rank higher in search engines. Thus, they end up investing huge amounts in SEO. However, without effective SEO, your web pages will never be noticed and content won’t go viral. On the contrary, WordPress provides a league of compelling SEO tools that invariably helps in optimizing your website. And, VOILA you hit the ranking.

Innovative Templates – Creativity at Next Level!

From designing, redesigning to customizing the website, WordPress has it all for you. There is a huge palette of enticing design templates on the WP platform that meets the unique taste of each one along with business-specific needs. And, WordPress outsourcing services can be your best bit if you want something more out of the edge design template.

Multilinguality – Covering up the Whole World!

If you are looking to target varied audiences across the globe, then WordPress makes it as simple as ABC. With a website on WordPress, you just stay cool as your web visitors or potential customers from different foreign lands are well taken care of. HOW? WordPress developers, experienced in WP migration, can seamlessly integrate all the languages that you are looking for, making your reach to different audiences fruitful.

Ease of Designing – Simple Processes!

HTML website designing requires excellent technical skills and a level of expertise. On the other side, site designing on WordPress is just a simple and easy process. Designing and customizing the outlook of your website on WP does not require expert hands.
Want a fab look – just change it or thinking to upgrade it – just do it, well with so many tools and plug-ins, it is bit easier for you to make changes on your WordPress site or just connect with a WordPress development service for an insight.

Adding New Functionalities – Easy Peasy!

Whether you desire to add functionality or a new feature to your WP website, a cornucopia of plugins and tools provide you the lever to extend the functionality or enhance the website. Contrarily, it is not the same with HTML, as it requires technical expertise and added skillsets even to add a small contact form. However, with WP migration, there comes a turning point as you can easily add, upgrade, update or remove any feature or functionality that you desire taking your website to the next level.

Budget-Friendly – Less Costing & More Savings!

Maintenance of WordPress is always budget-friendly. Moreover, as WordPress is an open-source platform, it comes at zero cost. Whether you need to update your website or thinking to go for additional features, with this open-source platform it is always in the budget. And, for saving those extra bucks on services, you can even outsource WordPress development.

Easy Handling – Simplicity Rules!

Nothing is as easy as working with WordPress CMS. Among the various tools and technologies out there, handling the WP Content Management System is the simplest one. Whether you are a noob or a non-technical guy, everything seems to be easier with WordPress. You don’t have to apply for the coding classes or be a specialist. With just a few clicks, you can get going with your website. With this platform, it is smooth sailing managing and running your website. CMS can assist you to bring your creativity on your website as you desire and more assistance, you can always rely on WordPress developers in India.

WordPress Community – An Epitome of Support!

Being open-source, WordPress has a giant community that is always eager to support when it comes to migration. With a panel of experienced WordPress developers, reputed WordPress development companies and professionals, the WordPress community has a lot to offer and assist.
So, what are you waiting for? WordPress has a hoard of advantages and WP migration can help you take your business to the next level. And if you want to have an expert’s hand for your WP website migration services, then look no further than DITINDIA – a reliable WordPress development company with a huge reputation across the various continents. Take the best advantage of WP migration services and see how your business soars higher to reach a new horizon.

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