Persuasion Techniques that Will Help You Convert More Customers

We are Shopify design experts and offer a broad range of shopify custom design as well as shopify development services.  In the process, we run into online merchants who are completely oblivious about the various persuasion techniques they can use to convert more customers.  When it comes to eCommerce, it becomes hard to believe that those thousands of visitors are all real humans.  They can be persuaded and various psychological techniques can be used in the process.  This blog will provide you with some basic persuasion techniques that will help you convert more customers.  Moreover, it will give you an understanding of why visitors abandon they carts, what makes them buy more, and how can you persuade them.

  1. Commitment:  The first technique that we will talk about is commitment.  It is said that once you commit to something in writing, there are very high chances that you will live up to it.  There are things we say during our regular days, but once we commit to something in writing; we are more than likely to complete that.  Additionally, once you have made this written commitment; you enter in the process of self-persuasion.  You start justifying the action to yourself and everyone else who is involved.  That is what you can do with your online store.  You should start with sharing your beliefs in writing.  Those written beliefs will make your visitors trust you more.  Moreover, you should get your customers to make smaller commitments.  This could be for them to subscribe to your newsletter or be a part of the mailing list.  Once they have made this commitment, they will be more comfortable in the future to make a bigger commitment like buying from you.
  2. Likeness:  During the period in which we have offered Shopify design services, we have learned that people buy from people they like.  This liking can be associated with physical attraction as well as similarity.  When we talk about physical appeal, we are talking about people looking good and they tend to be better at persuading others.  Moreover, if your customer thinks that you are similar to them in some regard, they will like to work with you.  That is where your store design and copywriting comes into the picture.  You should come across as approachable, and not like a big shot.  The more human you seem, the better it is for you.  Also supporting various causes that your customers believe in can be a good idea.
  3. Give & Take:  If I was to give you something, you will be obliged to return the favor.  Not only do I have to wait for you to voluntarily give me something in return, I can even ask for it.  Therefore, on your online store; you should offer a low price product that is not meant to make profit.  It is meant to build a relationship.  That will help you convert casual visitors to real purchasers.  Additionally, you can also offer them a free gift or free shipping.  There is so much you can do to surprise your visitors and make them obliged to buy from you.
  4. Price Anchoring:  What if I was to tell you that I am selling my old laptop for $300?  You would think it is exorbitant.  However, if I was to present this top-of-line laptop with actual price of $600; currently being offered for a mere $299- there are higher chances you will buy.  In this case, $600 became my anchor and helped me present my sale price as highly lucrative.

These are some of the various persuasion techniques that you can adopt to convert more visitors into customers.  On the other hand, if you need help from Shopify developers India or are looking for Shopify design experts, you can contact us.

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