Industry: Art, Theatre And Cinema Online Book Store
Platform: BigCommerce

Seagull Books

About Seagull Books
Seagull Books is an independent Indian publishing house specialized in profound and deep books on art, theatre and cinema. It publishes plays by major Indian playwrights, monographs and essays written by leading Indian artists, film scripts from the best-known Indian and European filmmakers, along with academic titles and documentaries on culture, society and the various arts.
Seagull Books and DITINDIA Partnership
Seagull Books was employing a custom developed application for selling books. Due to heavy hosting and development & maintenance cost to maintain the store, they decided to transfer hosting on the shopping cart platform. As they have rights to sell specific books in specified countries, it becomes crucial to know the customer origin and redirect them to US store, if they are from outside India. Migrating on a new platform was also challenging due to budget constraints. With such complicated scenario in hand, the company approached DITINDIA.
After scrutinizing Shopify and Bigcommerce platforms and considering the limited budget, it was finally decided to move to Bigcommerce, as its worth more value for money compared to shopify. The custom functionality has empowered them to carry out international marketing and NOW, they can serve both domestic and international customers just from one domain. Seagull Books has a new brand revamped eCommerce store. The site is reframed on the Stencil framework, which has increased the site speed and upgraded to more features, which can be leveraged to sell more products.

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