Industry: Unique Toys e-store
Platform: Shopify

Toys and Toys

Toys & Toys is a unique, rare and one of its first kind online e-retailers store which came into existence focusing on selling toys for kids. The main aim of this store was to bring all the toy products which are available on local stores to an online retail store. In this store customers can find thousands of varieties of toys from all around the world.
Toys & Toys was much excited about this store as it was focused on kids. With the aim of developing a store which should be unique and astonishing at the first view itself. They also wanted us to add some animation effects in the store to make the store more attractive and lively. With such expectation the company approached DIT India.
New Challenges With Ditindia
Our shopify expert team fully designed and developed a new user friendly experience for the customers. The main challenge while beginning to develop this store was to design the store making it more lively and dynamic. Our team of shopify designers took on this challenge and did an amazing job by giving great animation effects in the entire store.

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