Shopify & Buzzfeed Integration Can Generate More Profits for You

We have been offering Shopify development services as well as Shopify design services for a long period of time, and what keeps us excited is the continuous innovation and opportunity that the platform presents to its vendors.  Not only does it improve our Shopify custom design abilities, but it also helps the vendors immensely. The most recent addition to this list of opportunities is the partnering of Buzzfeed and Shopify. Our Shopify design experts, along with our development professionals, are thrilled about what this integration can offer. It offers to its vendors a very easy way of showcasing their products to the editors of Buzzfeed. What does this mean to the vendors?  This means that the vendors’ products can be simply tagged.  These can then be searched and found by Buzzfeed editors.  They can then consider adding the products to their campaigns, product lists, and even onsite content.


We mentioned earlier that our Shopify developers and Shopify design experts are extremely excited about the prospects of this partnership. One of the reasons for that is this integration offers numerous benefits to the vendors.  Here are some of them:

  1. Marketing: Buzzfeed has an interesting and unique marketing style. That can work brilliantly for vendors’ products and their business.
  2. Reach: Buzzfeed has a wide reach, and is associated with over 200 million readers. This means that you can get your message heard, and have the potential of adding new customers and boosting sales.


Let us now talk about the process involved in the integration. It is important to note that this facility is only available to the merchants in the United States in America (USA). These are vendors who sell to USA customers and transact in USD. Here are the steps involved in the process:

  1. Installation:  The first step is to install the Buzzfeed channel on your Shopify account.  It is a simple process and can be achieved without requiring any expert help.
  2. Product Selection:  The next step is to select the products that you want to be discovered by the editors of Buzzfeed.  This can be a tricky process as you want to present some of your best and most innovative products.  You need those products that will catch the attention of the editors.
  3. Set Commission Rate:  Once the products have been selected, you set your commission rate.  
  4. Remaining Process:  After the commission rate has been set, the process is completed on your end.  It is time now for the editors and writers of Buzzfeed to do the rest.  They will choose the product that they want to feature and create a unique link.  This link is generally embedded in Buzzfeed’s content or product listing ads or to be promoted on Facebook ads.  The link that is generated connects directly with your online store.  This can be helpful in associating the chunk of your sales that was contributed by Buzzfeed.
  5. payment: Monthly payment of commission can be organized once you receive customer payments.


More information about customer and a summary of the order is provided upon purchase, just like is the case with other Shopify store sales. The process of collecting commission is absolutely smooth. All you need to coordinate is the fulfillment of orders. It is important to note that writers will only choose those products that best suit and engage their audience. If and when your product is selected, they will create content that aligns with the mention of your product.


As mentioned earlier, we provide Shopify custom design and development solution. Our Shopify developers India are highly qualified and open to discussing your project.  Contact us

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