Top WordPress Web Development Trends for 2019

Top WordPress Web Development Trends for 2019

WordPress boasts with 1.8 million websites on the Internet serving a variety of niches and purposes ranging from a simple blog to full-fledged ecommerce storefront and an enterprise-grade web portal. It means if we take care of the latest development and trends in WordPress web development niche, our chances of success go high.

Our adoption of the latest designing and programming trends enable us to stay ahead in a fiercely competitive market. Being a busy bee in WordPress web development community & outsource WordPress development team leader in a WordPress Development Company, I have my unique opinions and conclusions regarding the latest trends. So, let me express some worthy observations in the current post.

Integration of the Latest Technologies with WordPress Websites

At present, we have lots of themes, templates, and unique as well as custom web deigning ideas, tools, and techniques. So, I am not going to repeat those common trends here. Instead, I would like to discuss the emerging technologies like AI, AR, and PWA (Progressive Web Apps), which are offering supports for WordPress integration with easy to use APIs. Thereby, WordPress developers in WordPress development services are going to integrate the outstanding services, and features come with it.

Progressive Web Apps in WordPress Web Development

It is not a new concept at all, but gaining ground recently among WordPress developers thanks to ease and availability of frameworks to create PWA using WordPress platform. A WordPress website, when frequently used on mobile devices, with the help of service worker and manifest files, it gradually converts into a customized mobile app. It happens based on the usage history and active permissions of the PWA users. Angular JS and similar frameworks are providing tools to go ahead in PWA development direction. Recent WordPress outsourcing projects are highly demanding PWA development services.

AI and Associated Technology Integrations in WordPress Website Development 

A role of AI and associated technologies are far wider than we imagine in modern web development. WordPress developers, particularly, WooCommerce developers, have adequate scope to leverage the set of AI technologies in personalization, prediction, analytics, and most importantly, communication.

A chatbot is a multipurpose AI-powered smart chat application. It is excellent at support and marketing activities, and clients, as well as WordPress developers India, are showing great interest in it. 

Another approach to AI technologies is the integration of voice recognition system to enable voice search and provide voice assistance, particularly using built-in voice features in smartphones. Siri Viv, Google Assistant, Hey Athena, and Bixby are voice search technologies and integration with WordPress website is not a nightmare anymore.

Integration of AR & VR technologies in Outsource WordPress Web Development 

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are emerging technologies eagerly awaiting to create its footprint on the web and WordPress platform is the most supporting one for it. Recent WordPress market news has confirmed that WordPress plugin developers are coming with AR and VR plugins to embed those offering on the WordPress platform. Retailers are scrappy to implement AR features for boosting their sales.

  • MomentoPress
  • 360° Panoramic Image Viewer
  • WP-VR View

These are currently available plugins for integration of AR & VR technologies in WordPress.

Microinteractions and Animations Are Increasingly Favorite Trends for WordPress Developers

Animated UI elements like buttons, icons, and smaller UI components are providing perfect visual clues regarding the functionality and role of those elements. It also helps in improvements in UX as well as usability. Similarly, the concept of motion UI supports the inclusion of large size animations illustrating brand stories and product marketing with minimum texts. Animation offers great comprehensibility and highly efficient ways to provide multimedia content experiences to WordPress website users.

Increased capabilities of Internet browsers on various devices like mobiles enabled WordPress developers to create complex animations with less code and efforts.


WordPress web development trends for 2019 are posing new challenges to the WordPress developers who are eagerly awaiting integration of emerging technologies and design as well as programming trends in their upcoming projects. 

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