5 Major Advantages of Mobile App Prototyping

5 Major Advantages of Mobile App Prototyping

What is Mobile App Prototyping?

Mobile App prototyping in a layman’s language is just simple user research to create an interactive mock test that showcases the design, user interaction, functionality and user navigation of an app. In a simpler way, a prototype is just a basic visualization of a real product or clickable mock-ups, which is just a design set up without actual coding and programming required for a real fully functional mobile application. This is further discussed with Mobile application developers and designers to build a sophisticated shared vision of the final product.

This invariably helps to see how customers use, interact, and react to the overall UX design. Testing with a prototype allows resolving critical as well as trivial design issues before the product reaches the final development stage. This saves on a lot of costing and time before it becomes too late to make crucial changes to the UX.

Additionally, a simple mobile app prototype before the actual development brings with it a lot of benefits for any businesses considering mobile app development.

Five Major Advantages of Mobile App Prototype Development

Innovative Ideas – More Improvement

As the prototype is just an initial concept, it provides a lot of room for new ideas to emerge at this stage. During this stage of designing, user testing can bring in new improvements to apply before the final product launches. A prototyping phase is the primary stage of the product where a lot of improvements are instilled until the product fully reaches business goals and is ready for the market.

Costing – Saves A Bit More

Working on a prototype, absolutely, helps in saving the cost in the long run. HOW? Resolving the problem or installing any new feature at the initial stage is easier and is less expensive compared to redesigning or improving the product after the final output and testing.
If you start testing the product at the final stage, you may find a set of serious issues that may be too late to resolve. Whereas the same is saved, when you perform prototype research as this helps you spend less with on-going research. Normally, experienced Mobile app developers conduct prototyping research and provide itinerary for product development to ensure that designing and development is smooth and hassle-free and goes well with all the strategic designing as planned to meet the user needs and lower the product development cost.

Conflicts & Resolutions – Handling Meticulously

Though mobile app developers may have strong opinions about how certain features look or work, there are always differences of opinions leading to conflicts with other teams. However, efficient mobile development services with the best of abilities effectively help resolve such conflicts leading to fruitful resolutions. Prototyping helps to come up with varied itineraries of the feature to check on the performance and analyze the market value of each approach. This saves both times and resolves the conflicts tactfully while correcting the design decisions.

Stakeholders & Investors – Gaining Trust

Prototyping not only helps to cut down on cost but also provides the flexibility of showing your idea in a simpler way along with lowering the risk of investments for investors. Moreover, involving stakeholders during the prototype phase is also crucial as it brings a broader perspective saving your time and making the most out of it.
Additionally, it can be beneficial for a number of reasons such as:
1. Stakeholders can help in research and collect the information required for the strategic decision
2. Involvement of stakeholders helps to ensure that the research has the most impact
3. This also helps to make sure that you have not done the same research
4. Involving stakeholders brings in support and funds for the product and resources for each necessary designing and development stage

UX Validation – Best User Experience

It is like aiming the bull’s eye when it comes to creating a mobile user interface that provides deep engagement and user retention ratio. Therefore, working with a prototype means running a user test, which is one of the most effective ways to validate user interface and user experience. Furthermore, an efficient Mobile App Development Company is always well aware of such user experience designs and changing requirements of users. Hence, they can bring in the best insights for mobile app prototypes.


Prototypes, primarily, provides the look and feel of the final product that the customers conceptualize to meet their needs. Though a prototype is not an actual product, it works similarly and therefore, should not be ignored.
And, with DIT INDIA prototyping and Mobile app development services, you not only save on costs but you can be ready, in a short time, with the final product along with testing and ready to launch on the app store.
So, wait no longer before your IDEA vanishes.

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