Multiple Product Preview – Most Trending BigCommerce App – 2020

Do you run an eCommerce store, or looking to develop one to boost your business and set a milestone in an online business arena, then choosing an eCommerce hosted platform to build an online store can put you in a quandary. But, with the emerging trends and advanced apps, BigCommerce has gained the #1 position. No doubt, its excellent dashboard, limitless sales cap on any plans, 24/7 support and 0% transaction costs make it the most popular eCommerce building platform. And, a reliable BigCommerce Development service helps in boosting the store’s sales by building effective eCommerce apps. 

Although BigCommerce is embedded with a lot many excellent features, there still requires external applications, which BigCommerce web design service offers that takes the store to the next level of efficiency and excellent shopping experience. 

And among the various BigCommerce applications, one of the best apps is Multiple Product Preview – which an excellent masterpiece for shopping sites.

Let us find here What is Multiple Product Preview and How it is helpful to your e-store

With users demanding more, this eCommerce app is quite helpful. Developed by BigCommerce web developer in such a way that it allows you to switch over images and display alternative product images, which have already been uploaded for the particular item.

The varied images for a specific item help to bring in variations and this app brings with it a lot many advantages such as:

You can easily showcase a product on the e-store from different angles; this supports buyers to make the decision easier.

It offers a palette of varied color options for the same product.

It helps to view the product from close-up and distant.

Why Do You Need BigCommerce Multiple Product Preview?

Many retailers may be wondering why they need this special one. So, here are all the answers to your WHY?

  • This app is highly helpful when it comes to growing business in your eCommerce store.
  • Along with improving user experience, this app facilitates easier decision making.
  • If you looking to increase user engagement, this eCommerce application helps to present the object in different angles with varied views including distance and close-up which provides shoppers a better perspective. 
  • It allows customers to explore the wide range of hues for the same product.
  • This app helps your e-store to stand out from the competition.

How does it work?

If you are looking to add/install this app, it is an easy peasy process. 

  • Simply install app
  • Generate code
  • Add code in the respective template file

Major Benefits of This App

Offers Varied Hues to Pick

Shopping online, customers always look for various colors and obviously, having a pile of images of products in varied colors may not be possible. And, it is when this app shows the real color. With the great palette of colors to pick, this app helps to display your product in varied colors. 

Different Angles of Viewpoint

The experience of viewing a product from different angles is what shoppers always want to experience. The different angle viewpoint provides a more clear picture and building customers trust factor. 

All Images at One Place

Making product display quite enticing, this app will show all images listing from product thumbnails. This helps to display product features/images, when a user hovers over any product listed in categories page, Featured Products, New Products, etc. 

As the saying goes, As you show (sow) so you gain (reap ) – this exuberant Multiple Product Preview not only elevates the look of your e-store but also makes your product display extraordinary. With product having multiple displays, this app showcases all the images from product thumbnails, enticing customers to look more into the product and eventually landing them to the shopping cart, adding to the conversion rate. 

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