Industry: Private Text and Video Chat apps
Platform: Wordpress


About Messar
Team of Messar decided to build a robust platform that is extremely easy to use. Messar supports real-time activity feeds, live interaction, and commenting. Additionally, Messar augments your chat applications with our feature-rich as well as flexible real-time chat APIs. These can be used for Android, web, or any other connected device.
Messar & DIT Partnership
Client came with the requirement of creating amazing real time applications with Messar SDKs.
DIT Team Technical Approach
Messar, a cloud messaging platform is built for perceived ease-of-use. Set of SDKs to make message communication possible. We designed Messar SDKs to be as simple as possible.
  • Easy to use.
  • Using Messar SDKs one can easily publish or subscribe messages on a particular channel.
  • One can fetch previously sent data from any channel by calling the history endpoint of SDK.
  • Identifies when a user or machine has joined to or left from the channel.
IOT & M2M Connected Devices
  • Robust APIs and state-of-the-art infrastructure help you power real-time communication between these internet-connected, smart devices.
  • Messar will assist you to trigger device actions, stream as well as process outgoing and incoming data, and monitor metadata.
  • It relies heavily on a secure global data stream network.
Real-time Tracking
Messar can help you monitor and stream information in real-time.
Our team has completed the project on time and as per the needs of the client. Client was impressed by the work done by our team, in a timely manner.

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