CMS Customization

  • Are you looking for an outsourcing partner for CMS customization?
  • Do you want to reduce the development time significantly?
  • Is customization the sole goal with your development effort?

Then DIT India is an answer to all these questions and more as it excels in developing an extensive and exhaustive content management system with the turnaround rate, being among the best in the industry.

With the escalating demand for content management in organisations, developers are overflowing with opportunities. However, it is imperative that these opportunities are met with the highest standards to ensure
a complete solution.

Our Offerings

  1. WordPress :  Explore the world of effective websites that are also engrossing and visually appealing with our WordPress CMS customization services.

What’s in it for you?

We, at DIT India, are obsessed with the quality of services that we deliver. When it comes to CMS customization, our objectives are clear. Our team uses most recent technology to make the system more contemporary and keep the turnaround time minimum. This is because modern day organisations do not
have enough time to wait for their requirement to be attended to nor are they ready to compromise upon the quality.

Our systems are structured in a way that allow us to reduce the turnaround rate by more than 30% when compared with the industry standards. We also understand the different requirements of our clients to let the systems be customized according to their needs.

Why DIT India for CMS customization?

  1. Quick Turnaround : Given that we manage to develop a CMS faster than most others in the industry, it works as a compelling reason for you to outsource your CMS customization requirement to us.
  2. Training to Users : Most of the open source systems we use are very simple to use and people of non-technical qualifications can easily find their way through it. On request we also offer training to a few of the users of the system, on the most effective way on its utilization.
  3. Fewer Clicks : We are dedicated to make your routine tasks as simple as possible. Most of the content management systems are known to have very few clicks and make the consummation of mundane activities seamless and quick.
  4. Scalable Solutions : All our solutions will always be developed or customized, keeping the long-term horizon in mind. Therefore, they would be scalable according to the altering needs of the organisation.
Let’s talk

Dit India would be thrilled to help you. If you want to discuss the potential outsourcing partnership or just a project, please let us know and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.

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