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A usability evaluation is a review of the user experience with your product. Typically a short-term project, such usability assessment can be a worthy alternative to an expensive lab test. This usability assessment generally does not involve the end users and is conducted by professionals. We use our experience and sense of application, understanding of the web, all digital platforms and knowledge of industry practices to evaluate a product’s usability.

At DIT India, all usability evaluation consists of two parts, which are integral and interrelated. While the first part seeks the product’s adherence to the established conventions (Heuristic Evaluation), the other part evaluates the application through a step-by-step stimulated role play (Cognitive Walkthrough).

Heuristic Evaluation

In this stage of usability evaluation, the experts assess the product or system based on the usability guidelines. Each component of the product or service, under study, is compared with the established conventions and areas of improvements are identified and prioritized. Such usability evaluation, by DIT India, can include either the entire product or just a part of it.

We establish our uniqueness through the cultivation of a thorough client understanding. We comprehend your business, industry and values to develop a design concept which ideally suits you.

Cognitive Walkthrough

This part of usability assessment, with DIT India, evaluates the step-by-step procedure that the users have to follow while using the application or product. In such evaluation, the experts establish various objectives that the users might have for using the application. Based on each of these objectives, a role-play is conducted to find out the rigors of completing tasks to achieve various objectives. Hurdles in the process, if any, are identified and presented by this usability consultant. Such stimulated user experience can be conducted on the actual as well as the prototype product or application.

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