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Then, why wait? Contact DIT India today for a no obligation free quote to turn your or your client’s website into a mobile responsive website and let the large number of mobile phone users are able to access it with ease, on the go.

While only 27% of the world’s population has an access to the internet today, the number for mobile phones stands at 70%. Moreover, it is estimated that by 2014 there would be more people surfing the web through the mobile than the desktop. Therefore, it is a clear hint of where the potential lies. Not only do the companies need to tap the internet users on the personal computers and laptops, the escalating use of smart phones for internet has to be attended to as well. In short, one’s existence on the web is imperative but having a website which is mobile friendly is a potential, which once tapped can lead to a range of opportunities.

We offer our Responsive Web Design Service for:

  1. Business Websites
  2. Web Applications
  3. CMS Driven Websites
  4. Ecommerce Websites

What’s in it for you?

DIT India understands the increased focus on mobility of the customers and as a responsive web designer company, it emphasizes on letting the customers feel the success that lies ahead.

Every individual company is allowed to have its own individuality that is why we ensure solutions that are being proposed are personalized and targeted. When you outsource a project to us, we conduct an extensive research on the business of the company as also its users before we go on to make websites mobile responsive. This brings in effectiveness in the process and eliminates the chances of improper understanding or development.

Therefore, with the right responsive websites in place, your client manage to reap rich dividends. Their customers receive an enhanced user experience, the message is passed on more effectively, more leads are captured and revenue moves skyward.

Why DIT India for Responsite Web Design?

  1. Increased Conversion Rate: DIT India understands that using desktop websites on a mobile is frustrating. There are larger fonts, images are outsized, you have to scroll way down to find the right information and the entire experience is dissatisfactory. Hence, we precisely target those areas which have to be changed and exercise additional emphasis on them. This considerably raises your conversion rate and the bounce rate experiences a plunge.
  2. Better Revenues: We not only design websites for mobile devices but even develop them as responsive web designer. Hence, when you provide us with a complete package to attend to; we bring in better integration which betters your revenues. The results, with most of our clients, start showing in as less as a month and a half.
  3. Mobile Ecommerce Functionality: If the company is an ecommerce store, we, at DIT India, ensure that its transition to mobile phones is smooth and it becomes easy for people to reach and explore the store.
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